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Legal Department

Hassan Jabareen, Advocate | Founder of Adalah and General Director

Hassan Jabareen is the founder and General/Legal Director of Adalah. He has extensive experience in litigating landmark constitutional law cases before the Israeli Supreme Court. These cases deal with equal citizenship rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel as well as the applicability of IHL to defend the rights of Palestinians living under Occupation. Major cases include representing Arab political parties and leaders in elections disqualification cases and in political-criminal cases, as well as challenging the Citizenship Law, which prohibits Arab family unification in Israel, and the No Compensation Law, which banned Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza from obtaining damages from Israeli security forces. Hassan also led the legal team representing the 13 bereaved families of the October 2000 killings and Arab political leaders before the Or Commission of Inquiry. Hassan has been teaching at Tel Aviv University law school and other law schools as an Adjunct Lecturer on the legal status of Palestinian citizens of Israel for 15 years. Hassan was a Yale World Fellow in 2005-2006 and is a Senior Robina Law Fellow at Yale Law School in 2012-2013. He has received several awards including the Peter Cicchino Award for outstanding public interest lawyering from the American University Washington College of Law, the Herman Schwartz Award for Law and Social Justice and the Victor Goldberg Award, top human rights law prizes.

Rima Ayoub-Assaf, Advocate | Attorney
Rima has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2007. She began working with Adalah in the Civil and Political Rights Department in 2011. Rima previously worked in a private law office in East Jerusalem specialized in civil and administrative law, and completed her legal internship in the criminal department of the State Attorney's Office in Haifa. She was a staff member of the journal "Law and Governance" published by the Law Faculty at the University of Haifa in 2004 and became a member of the Public Defense Legal Clinic in 2005. She received an L.L.M. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2009 and an L.L.B. from the University of Haifa in 2006.

Suhad Bishara, Advocate | Director of Adalah's Land and Planning Rights Unit
Suhad specializes in land and planning rights, and has worked with Adalah since 2001. She is a former partner in private law firm specializing in urban planning from 1996-2001, and served as a legal consultant to the Association of Forty, the Arab Steering Committee for Urban Planning in the Galilee Society (RA), and the Hotline for Battered Women. Suhad is former Chairperson of the Committee for Educational Guidance for Arab Students and a founder of Kayan - A Feminist Organization. She received an L.L.B. in Law from the Faculty of Law, Hebrew University in 1993, and an L.L.M. in Public Service Law from New York University School of Law (USA) in 2001.

Fady Khoury | Attorney
Fady began working as an Attorney at Adalah in the Civil and Political Rights Unit in August 2013. He received a Bachelor of Law (LLB) from the University of Haifa in 2011. From March 2012 to February 2013, Fady worked as a legal intern in the office of Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran. He previously worked as a stagaire at Adalah for a two and a half years, and was a member of the Legal Clinic for Arab Minority Rights and the Human Rights Clinic Society. During his studies, he was a deputy editor of the journal "Law and Government" at the Faculty of Law in the University of Haifa, and was a teaching assistant in various courses at several academic institutes.

Orna Kohn, Advocate | Senior Attorney  (On Leave)
Orna has worked with Adalah since 1998 and served as Acting General Director in 2005-2006. She worked from 1995-1998 with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, as a stagiaire and then as a staff attorney in charge of West Bank and Gaza cases. Orna was an Assistant Instructor at the Faculty of Law of Haifa University for a year-long course on Constitutional and Administrative Law. She received an L.L.B. in Law from Haifa University in 1995, and is a Candidate for an L.L.M in International Human Rights from the Transitional Justice Institute at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland.

Aram Mahameed, Advocate | Attorney

Aram began working at Adalah in 2012 in the Land and Planning Department. He received his law degree (LL.B). in Law from Tel Aviv University in 2010. He has been a member of the Bar since 2011 and has worked in a criminal law firm, and the Tel Aviv District Attorney's Office – Criminal Division.


Nadeem Shehadeh, Advocate | Attorney

Nadeem has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2009. Nadeem began working with Adalah in the Civil and Political Rights Unit in 2012. He previously worked in a private law office in Haifa that specialized in Tort Law, personal injury claims and medical malpractice, where he also completed his legal internship. Nadeem received an L.L.M degree in International Legal Studies with a concentration on international human rights law from the American University Washington College of Law (USA) in 2012 and an L.L.B. from the University of Haifa in 2008.


Sawsan Zaher, Advocate | Director of Adalah's Social, Economic and Education Rights Unit

Sawsan specializes in social and economic rights, and has worked with Adalah since 2005. She received an L.L.B. in Law from the College of Management, School of Law in 1997, and an L.L.M. in International Legal Studies with a concentration on human rights and gender from the American University, Washington College of Law (USA) in 2004. She was a Fellow of the Public Law Program in the Public Interest Law Institute in Colombia University in New York in 2008 and has been Academic Assistant in the Legal Status of the Arab Minority in Israel in the Faculty of Law in Tel Aviv since 2007, and in the Law Faculty in Haifa University since 2009. She established and coordinated the legal department for Arab women’s rights in Kayan – Feminist Organization in 2004 and 2005. She specialized in civil law and managed a private law office from 1998 to 2003.


Fatima Abu Assba | Law Student

Fatima is a law student at the University of Haifa and began working at Adalah in August 2013. She previously worked as a counselor in the Centre for Democracy and Citizenship Studies in Haifa. Fatima will begin working as an intern in the public defender's office in Haifa in March 2014.

Weeam Baloum | Law Student

Weeam completed his Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree at the University of Haifa in 2013. During his studies he worked as a project coordinator for the Career Advancment of Arab Students at the university. Weeam has worked as a pre-intern in the office of Attorney Abeer Baker in 2012, and as an intern in a legal rights clinic for prisoners from 2011 to 2012.


Maria Zahran | Law Student

Maria is a second year law student at Haifa University. She worked for three years as an instructor in Israel Cancer Association and campaign donations coordinator, and volunteered at the Family Court in Haifa on behalf of the Committee for Equality in Personal Status Issues. Maria has also worked as social studies coordinator at Mada al-Carmel where she was responsible for communication and managing a project which brings together students from Israel and the OPT.

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International Advocacy

Rina Rosenberg (Jabareen), Esq. | Co-Founder of Adalah and International Advocacy Director
Rina is a lawyer, admitted to the Bars of New York and Washington, DC in the United States. Her work with Adalah includes legal research, reporting and advocacy before European Union and UN human rights treaty bodies regarding Israel's (non)-compliance with its international agreements concerning the human rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel and Palestinians living under occupation, extensive fundraising, donor relations, and financial management, outreach to the international media, and editing Adalah’s English language publications. She has worked on resource development and international human rights advocacy with the Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA), the Galilee Society, and the Working Group on the Status of Palestinian Women in Israel. Prior to working in Israel, she worked as a public defender in NY and as a clinical supervisor for law students with the Criminal Justice Clinic of Georgetown University Law Center in DC. She was appointed as a Schell Fellow at Yale Law School (2005-2006).

Alyssa Bernstein | Communications Coordinator
Alyssa joined International Advocacy in 2012. She previously worked in Ramallah at the Rawabi Foundation. She has lived in Cairo and Amman and interned in Washington, D.C. at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Alyssa graduated from Yale University in 2010 with a B.A. in Modern Middle East Studies.

Katie Hesketh | Publications Coordinator
Katie has worked in Adalah since 2008. She previously worked as a Public Policy Unit Assistant in the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD). She received an MSc in International Relations from the London School Economic and Political Science (2002) and a BA in Arabic and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies.
Amjad Iraqi | Projects Coordinator
Amjad joined Adalah's International Advocacy Unit in 2012. He has lived in Israel, Kenya and Canada and previously worked with academic and policy institutes in Toronto and Geneva. Amjad graduated from the University of Toronto with an Hon. BA in Peace and Conflict Studies, and is currently completing an MA in Peace and Conflict Management Studies at the University of Haifa. He is a frequent contributor to +972 Magazine on topics concerning Palestinian citizens of Israel and Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.

Nadia Ben-Youssef | USA Representative

Nadia has worked with Adalah since 2010, where she serves as an international law and advocacy consultant with a focus on promoting the rights of the Arab Bedouin community in the Naqab. She has documented human rights violations in India, served as a speech-writer and legal assistant to Mrs. Cherie Blair, and worked as a civil litigator for indigent clients in the greater Boston community. She is a member of the New York State Bar, and speaks French and Spanish fluently. Nadia obtained an AB in Sociology from Princeton University and graduated cum laude from Boston College Law School with a certificate in Human Rights and International Justice. In 2013, Nadia began serving as Adalah's Representative in the United States.

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Salah Mohsen | Media Director
Salah has worked with Adalah since 2007. He previously worked as a field worker in the Center for Community Advocacy, and spent four years as the parliamentary assistant of MK Dr. Jamal Zahalqa. He is a political and social activist in various groups. Salah received a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2005.


Jenny Nyman | Multi-Media Coordinator

Jenny worked for five years as the Resource Development Coordinator at The Freedom Theatre in Jenin before joining Adalah in 2012. She also works as a freelance graphic designer. Jenny received a BA in Philosophy (2002) and MA in Social and Political Thought (2004) from Sussex University (UK).


Majd Kayyal | Arabic Media Coordinator

(Information coming soon)

Tom Mehager | Hebrew Media Coordinator

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Naqab Office

Dr. Thabet Abu Rass | Director, Naqab Office
Thabet served on Adalah’s Board of Directors from 2006 to 2008, and joined the staff in October 2010 as the director of Adalah’s office in the Naqab (Negev). Thabet is a political geographer and an expert in land and planning; he obtained a PhD in the field of Geography and Regional Development from the University of Arizona in the United States in 1997. He teaches courses at 
Ben Gurion University and Sapir College such as ethnic relations, land, planning and regional development. Prior to joining the staff of Adalah, from 2007 to 2009, Thabet was a co-director of the NGO “New Horizon” – The Arab-Jewish Center for Dialogue and a Shared Society; from 2003 to 2005, he served as the director of Shatil’s office in Beer el-Sabe; and from 2005-2007, he directed a development project for the recently-recognized villages in the Naqab. Today, he is the co-chair of the Board of Directors of Hand-In-Hand, the bi-lingual schools in Israel, and co-founder of AEJI, the Association of Environmental Justice in Israel.


Khalil El-Amour | Field Researcher

Khalil began working as a Field Researcher at Adalah's Naqab Office in September 2013. From the village of Al-Sira, an unrecognized village in the Naqab, Mr. Amour teaches mathematics and arithmetic at the secondary school in Al-Kasifa, and is a law student at the Kiyriat Ono Academic College. He is on the Board of Directors of the Peaceful Co-Existence Forum in the Naqab, a former member of the Regional Council of Unrecognized Villages and is involved in foundations that work in the Bedouin sector. He recently represented issues of the Bedioun Arabs in the Naqab before United Nations Committee in Geneva. He has worked in previous years with Adalah on important issues in the Naqab, and was a member of Adalah's Board of Directors.


Finance and Administration

Ghassan Kharouba | Finance Director
Ghassan has worked with Adalah since 2008. Ghassan is a Certified Public Accountant and has run 
a private accounting business since 1994. He has extensive experience auditing financial reports for public institutions and providing financial consulting to NGOs. In addition to working at Adalah, he is a founding member of the Hewar Association for Alternative Education, in which he has served as a board member and chairperson of the financial committee since its establishment in 2001. He received B.A in Accounting and Economics from the Hebrew University.

Fathiyya Hussein | Office Manager
Fathiyya has worked with Adalah since 2000. She worked as an administrator for ten years with Arab NGOs in Israel and as an executive secretary for a private lawyer specializing in human rights in Jerusalem. Fathiyya received a certificate in Senior Management in Social Change Organizations from Haifa University, External Studies, Dept. for Business Management in 2003, and has attended several additional courses on NGO management.

Basheer Al-Saleh| Accountant

Basheer began working at Adalah in 2011. He worked previously for 15 years in a private account auditing office. He also works managing accounts for the Association of The House of Music (Jamiyya Beit Al Musiqa) in Shufa 'Amer. He graduated from the University of Haifa in 1991 with a BA in Economics and Accounting.


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Board of Directors

Dr. Hala Khoury-Bisharat, Advocate | Chairperson

Dr. Khoury-Bisharat received an L.L.B. in Law in 1993 and an L.L.M. in Law (cum laude) in 1998 from the Faculty of Law, Hebrew University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Oxford (England). She worked as a staff attorney with HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual for three years, as an attorney in a private law firm specialized in medical malpractice for three years, and as an editor of Adalah's Review in 2005. She was an adjunct lecturer in international criminal law in the Faculties of Law, Haifa University, Tel Aviv University, and the College of Management, School of Law from 2005-2010. She is now a lecturer in criminal procedure, law of evidence, public international law and international criminal law at Carmel Academic Centre-Haifa. She joined Adalah's Board in 2007.

Dr. Khaled Abu Asbah

Dr. Asbah is director of the Masar Institute for Educational Research, Planning and Counseling. He received BA and MA degrees in education and a Ph.D. in Sociology and Anthropology. In addition to lecturing in the Politics and Public Administration Program at the Hebrew University, he is an education lecturer at the Beit Berl College, advisor to Research Oversight in Qasmi Academy, and has been an associate researcher at the Van Leer Institute for the past 4 years. Dr. Asbah has published numerous books and studies on education and social science and participated in several international and national scientific conferences. He served as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Sikkuy for eight years and has been an active member on the High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Education for 15 years. Dr. Asbah joined Adalah's board in 2009.

Hussein Abu Hussein, Advocate
A resident of Umm El Fahem, Mr. Abu Hussein has worked as a lawyer since 1976. He has been 
active in human rights organizations and arts organizations for several years. He has treated a range of issues related to violations of human rights in the Occupied Territories and violations for Palestinians in Israel, such as land confiscation, discrimination, and the issue of political prisoners. Today he represents the Corrie family in their petition before the District Court in Haifa for compensation for the murder of activist Rachel Corrie in Gaza. In 1988 he was one of founders of Al Arabiyaa for Human Rights, and has helped found other groups for political prisoners’ rights. He has been a member in the Um Al-Faham Municipality and president of the Board of Directors of Ittijah, The Union of Arab Community-Based Association. He is also the author of the book “Access Denied: Palestinian Access to Land in Israel.” 

Dr. Mas'ud Hamdan
Dr. Hamdan received B.A in Sociology and Comparative Literature (1986), and an M.A (1996) and Ph.D. (1999) in Comparative Literature and Drama from the University of Haifa. He is a writer, theatre critic, and Senior Lecturer in the Arabic Language and Literature Department at Haifa University, as well as head of the Theatre Department. He has been a lecturer in the Arabic Literature Department of the Hebrew University, the Gordon College, and the Open University of Israel. Dr. Hamdan has published many articles and research papers on theater and comparative literature, as well as a book entitled, "The Bitter Cup and the Holy Rain: Politics, Poetics and Protest in the Arab Theatre" (Sussex Academic Press, 2006). His plays include "The Command" (2002), "The Hole of the Spout" (2004), "Surgery" (2006) and "Satirical Meal with Muhammad al-Maghut" (2008). Dr. Hamdan joined Adalah's Board in 2009.

Salma Wakim, Advocate
Ms. Wakim received an L.L.B. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She manages a private law office in Nahariya that specializes in compensations laws and traffic laws. She is a member of Ittijah, the Union of Arab Community-Based Associations and a member of the General Assembly of the Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA). Ms. Wakim previously worked in the disciplinary tribunal of the Israeli Bar Association. In 2008, she was awarded the Women in Law Prize at the annual lawyers' conference. She is also an activist in women's organizations against violence. She joined Adalah's Board in 2010.

Odeh Bisharat
Mr. Bisharat is from the village of Yafta Nazareth, where the displaced families of the village of Ma’luul have settled. He has served as president of the University Student Committee in the University of Haifa, been active in Jewish-Arab groups, and edited the magazine “Al-Ghad” for youth. He was Secretary/General of Jabha/Habash, the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality in 2000, and is currently a member of its secretariat. He frequently contributes to the newspapers Al-Ittihad and Ha’aretz, and has published a heavily-covered and resonant book in Hebrew, “חוצות זתוניא”.

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Audit Control Committee

Jeries Rawashdeh, Advocate
| Audit Control Committee Member

Jeries received an L.L.B from the Academic College in Netanya in and is L.L.M from Haifa University.He works as a private advocate, running a law firm in Nazareth and Kiryat Shmona, specialized in laws of compendation (road accidents and work accidents), national insurance, and bankruptcy. He is also an academic assistant to former judge Hanoch Areiel in Academic College in Netanya. He has participated in all of Adalah's law student conferences. Jeries joined Adalah's Audit Control Committee in 10/08.

Khaled Daghash | Audit Control Committee Member
Khaled is a lawyer and notary working in Haifa. He received an L.L.B. from the University of Tel Aviv in 1993 and an L.L.M. from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His specialties are labor rights and physical damage, and real estate. He has served as an independent member of the court of behaviour at the Israel Bar Association.