Military Police open 12 criminal investigations into Israeli soldiers’ abuse of Palestinian children
After they woke him, they tied his hands and feet for more than half a day, even though the child\'s finger was severed up to the middle from a previous incident.
Adalah petitions District Court on behalf of a family against segregation of Arab and Jewish teams in children’s football league
Adalah filed a petition to the Tel Aviv District Court on behalf of a family demanding the cancellation of the decision by the Israel Football Association (IFA) to divide the children’s national football league in the Al-Shomoron area ...
Supreme Court accepts petition against ban on Arabic radio station “Ashams” from broadcasting on Yom Kippur
On Friday 3 October, 2014, the Israeli Supreme Court accepted a petition filed by Adalah and the I’lam Media Center on behalf of Radio Ashams and in their own names, challenging the prohibition on Arabic radio station Ashams from ...