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Court to Hear Motion Today by Adalah, the PCATI and PHR-IL Demanding the Lifting of Gag Order on Interrogation Methods Used against Ameer Makhoul and Disclosure about his Detention Conditions, 24.5.2010

Serious Suspicion of Shabak (GSS) Use of Illegal Methods of Interrogation Against Human Rights Defender Ameer Makhoul, 18.5.2010

Legal Defense Team Meets Ameer Makhoul after Twelve Day Prohibition; Court Extends his Detention until 20 May, 18.5.2010

Ameer Makhoul’s Legal Defense Team Declares They Would not Participate in Detention Hearing Tomorrow, 17 May, if He is Prohibited from Meeting his Lawyers

Adalah: “Due to the utter lack of respect for due process, the representation of Ameer Makhoul in the detention hearings has become meaningless.”, 16.5.2010

Court Extends the Detention Dr. Omar Saeed by 5 Days; Tomorrow (17 May 2010) Court to Hear Reqeust for Extending the Detention & Meeting Prohibition of Ammer Makhoul, 16.5.2010

Court Rejected Appeal against Prohibition on Meeting with Lawyers for Ameer Makhoul and Extended the Detention of Makhoul and Dr. Omar Saeed, 13.5.2010

Adalah: The GSS is Attempting to Criminalize the Public Political and Social Activity of Arab Citizens; Inflating the Charges against Them Aims to Legitimize the Unjust Gag Order and Ban on Meeting Lawyers, 10.5.2010