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28  December 2008

Stop the Attack on Gaza!
Adalah Establishes an Emergency Hotline

Adalah has established an emergency hotline to respond to and monitor the consequences of the ongoing attacks by the Israeli military in Gaza. Fearing the use of police violence against demonstrators and responding to the call by the High Follow-up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel and other political movements in Israel to protest the attack on Gaza, in an emergency meeting held this morning, Sunday 28 December 2008, Adalah decided to establish a 24-hour emergency hotline.

Adalah will also provide legal support to human rights organizations in Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem, as needed and requested.

Adalah calls upon all Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel to report any acts of police aggression and/or arrests and detentions during demonstrations to the emergency hotline.

Adalah also calls upon all lawyers willing to volunteer at this time to contact us.

Adalah's offices:           

Tel: 04-9501610 (Haifa)
Tel: 08-665-0740 (Beer el-Sabe)

Emergency contact:

Salah Muhsin: 052-5950922




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