Criminalization of Political Activity

Ala Hlehel

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Restrictions on Freedom of Movement
Ameer Makhoul
Prisoners' Rights
Political Participation Rights
Housing Rights
The Right to Work
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New Bill to Conceal Information

Yesterday, 28 April 2010, nineteen members of Knesset, led by Ronit Tirosh of the Kadima party, submitted a new bill to amend the Law of Associations, entitled "Amendment of Restrictions on an Organization’s Registry and Activity" – 2010. If enacted, the proposed legislation would prevent the registration of a non-governmental organization (NGO) or would shut down an existing NGO, “if there is a reasonable basis to conclude that the organization is providing information to foreign bodies or is involved in lawsuits abroad against senior officials in the government in Israel and/or officers in the Isareli army regarding war crimes.” This proposed bill completely contradicts the customary norms of international criminal law and international humanitarian law (IHL) to which the State of Israel is obligated. If the legislation is enacted, it would constitute an official admission by the State of Israel that it is committing war crimes, and is ordering human rights organizations in Israel to keep silent... Continue

Position of HR organizations against the new bill

Democratic values are important to the human rights community in Israel. A new bill proposes to trample these democratic values and undermine the ability to seek accountability for human rights violations. It is with great concern that we respond to the proposed bill: Associations (Amutot) Law (Amendment – Exceptions to the Registration and Activity of an Association), 2010.  Continue

Urgent Appeal of Adalah

A radical, right-wing Israeli group, Im Tirtzu – The Second Zionist Revolution, has posted inflammatory billboards in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and internet banners and ads that state, "The [New Israel] Fund supports and Adalah persecutes [our soldiers and leaders]," and "We salute, they persecute [our soldiers and leaders]: NIF and Adalah – subversives; enough with you!” This campaign was timed to coincide with the Israeli Memorial Day... Continue

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