Volume 87, November 2011
Unrecognized villages in the Naqab (Negev)
Economic and social rights

Adalah participates in UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights' review of Israel in Geneva

Akka Municipality announces that notices threatening to fine Arab businesses that open on Saturdays were a mistake

Prisoners' and detainees' rights
To mark the Universal Children's Day: Joint position paper on false confessions by Palestinian children and adolescents under coercion

Briefing paper to the EU on combating torture and protecting the human rights of Palestinian detainees and prisoners held in Israel
Nakba Legislation
Opening Remarks
The Right Context of the Knesset's Laws

By Hassan Jabareen General Director, Adalah

The government frequently tries to justify its anti-democratic bills by comparing them to laws in democratic states. For example, it contends that the newly proposed bills regarding the nomination procedures for Supreme Court justices reflect the process followed in the United States. When the government coalition passes anti-Arab legislation like the "Nakba Law," which authorizes the finance minister to cut the budgets of publicly-funded institutions that commemorate the Nakba, it argues that we have to defend Israel's values as a "Jewish and democratic" state by citing the German legal principle of "militant democracy." The government has also made similar comparisons to justify bills that would severely limit foreign funding to local human rights organizations. More …


Campaign against Human Rights NGOs


New Reports of Partners


Holiday shopping


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