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ILA Admits Before Supreme Court (SCt) to its Use of Illegal Chemicals in Spraying Crops Cultivated by Arab Bedouin in the Naqab (Negev), but Asks to Continue "Effective Tool" of Spraying Operations
SCt Orders State to Explain Failure to Open Secured Shelter for Arab Young Women at Risk in Petition Brought by Three Arab Feminist Organizations – Women Against Violence, Assiwar and Kayan – and Adalah
Featured Case
Individual Settlements in the Naqab – The Exclusion of the Arab Minority
Hana Hamdan, Adalah Urban and Regional Planner
Articles on Litigating Minority Rights
Litigation and Minority Rights
Prof. Stephen Wizner, Yale Law School and Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University
The Evasive Facets of Law: Litigation as Collective Action
Prof. Gad Barzilai, Co-Director of the Law, Politics and Society Program, Tel Aviv University
Women's Rights
The Working Group on the Status of Palestinian Women Citizens of Israel Submits Report on Israel's Implementation of UN CEDAW: Summary / Full Report
Land, Planning and Justice
Adalah to Attorney General: Stop Legal Action to Evacuate Unrecognized Village of Atir-Umm al-Hieran in the Naqab
Right to Demonstrate
Police Agree to Permit Protest Tent in Unrecognized Arab Bedouin Village in the Naqab Only After Submission of Petition and Issuance of SCt Order
After Knesset's Extension of Ban on Family Unification Law, Adalah Asks Supreme Court to Deliver Final Decision on Petitions Without Delay

Ad Published on Administrative Detention in Ha'aretz on 18.2.05 by Physicians for Human Rights, B'Tselem, HaMoked, Rabbis for Human Rights, PCATI and Adalah

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Opening Remarks
The Ivri Committee recommended that Arab youths be drafted for national service, arguing that Arab citizens will thus gain similar benefits to those received by individuals who serve in the military. Unsurprisingly, the Committee makes a connection between national and military service. However, national/military service in Israel is not neutral, but relates to difference: it constitutes the Jewish Zionist identity, as distinct from the Arab minority's identity, and is a prominent factor shaping Israeli security discourse. Military service as a criterion for receiving benefits and rights has been a chief source of discrimination against Arab citizens, just as security discourse is a major cause of their oppression. Therefore, the Ivri Committee asked Arabs not only to stop demanding an end to discrimination and oppression, which contradict the principle of "equal treatment for difference," but also to submit to a rationale that further grounds discrimination and oppression. Whilst some states may demand that immigrants perform national service to establish a connection to their new homeland, Palestinian citizens of Israel need not prove this link, since they are a homeland minority.
Prof. Chaim Gans, Tel Aviv University, on Family Unification
Adalah Attorney Abeer Baker on the Limitations on Prisoners' Right to Counsel
New Report
ACRI on Human Rights Violations by the Interior Ministry
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