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AG to Supreme Court: Military Service Criterion Does not Constitute Discrimination in Land Allocation
The Attorney General submitted this response to a petition filed by Adalah, which challenges an Israel Lands Administration decision to award a 90% discount on the price of leasing "state lands" to discharged Israeli soldiers. The decision designated close to 300 Jewish towns and villages in the Galilee and in the Naqab (Negev), yet not even one Arab town or village was included.
Human Rights Organizations to Supreme Court: Issue Immediate Injunction Against the Use of Palestinian Civilians as Human Shields
A motion was submitted on 28 April 2004, relying on new testimonies and affidavits gathered by human rights organizations, proving that the Israeli military is continuing to use Palestinian civilians as human shields and/or hostages. The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the motion.
Issues and Debates in the South African Constitutional Negotiations in the Context of the Apartheid Evil and the Struggle for Democracy
By Z. M. Yacoob, Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa
Comments on the Unreasonableness of the Attorney General's "Reasonable Discrimination Policy"
By Hassan Jabareen, Advocate, General Director, Adalah

Naqab (Negev)
Supreme Court to Consider Allocation of Educational Psychologists’ Positions in the Seven Arab Bedouin Towns in the Naqab
Adalah’s petition, submitted on 4 May 2004, argues that there is a huge gap between the positions allocated to Arab towns and Jewish towns in the Naqab, which contravenes the Special Education Law.
AG’s Office Notifies Supreme Court that the Bedouin Education Authority (BEA) Will be Dismantled by January 2005
This statement came in response to Adalah’s petition, which demanded that the head of the BEA, Moshe Shohat, be dismissed from his post due to his racist statements, and that a public bid be published for his replacement among Arab citizens of Israel from the Naqab.
Supreme Court Issues Order Nisi Requiring the State to Explain the Exclusion of Seven Arab Bedouin Towns in the Naqab from National Priority Area “A” in the Field of Education
Adalah’s petition seeks the cancellation of a governmental decision which classifies villages and towns into National Priority Areas. A Supreme Court panel of seven justices has held numerous hearings on the case since 1998, but has yet to deliver a final ruling.
Criminal Justice
Adalah to AG: Order Written and Photographic Documentation of Interrogations in GSS Facilities
Upon the release of three Arab youths from Kufr Kana, who were detained for the last 10 months on murder charges, Adalah argues that the lack of full documentation of GSS interrogations may result in the unjust conviction and sentencing of innocent people to life imprisonment.
Adalah to Mahash: Failure to Investigate the Illegal Conduct of Police Towards Arab Citizens in Beineh Constitutes a Serious Breach of Duty
A complaint was filed relating to the events that took place in Beineh, located in the Galilee, on 25 February 2004, during which the police used violence against inhabitants of the village. The complaint included 15 affidavits and photographs from many individuals who were injured and evacuated to local hospitals, and demanded that Mahash open an immediate investigation.
Following Numerous Legal Interventions, Abna al-Balad Political Activists Moved from GSS Cell Block
Mr. Mohammed Kannaneh, the General Secretary of Abna al-Balad, and Mr. Majed Kannaneh were moved to another prison facility following a petition submitted by Adalah to the District Court. Adalah argued that the detention conditions under which they were being held are cruel, inhuman and degrading, and violate their rights under Israeli and international law.
Adalah Submits Appeal to the State Attorney against Mahash Decision to Close the Investigation into Police Officers’ Killing of Mahmoud Sadi
Mahash decided to close its file against police officers who shot and killed 17-year-old Mahmoud Sadi in Ramle on 8 December 2003, despite ample prima facie evidence indicating that the actions of the police constituted a criminal offense.
Opening Remarks
We are pleased to issue the first volume of Adalah’s Newsletter, a monthly electronic journal published in Arabic, Hebrew and English. The goals of this newsletter are to widely distribute information about Adalah’s activities as well as analysis in order to bring Adalah’s positions and the human rights situation in Israel to the attention of the public.

This first volume covers our activities in April and May, to date. Disseminating this news and opinion and bringing it to the public’s knowledge is especially important in a state where gross human rights violations against the Arab minority occur.

This newsletter is issued on the occasion of 10 years of freedom in South Africa. Relevant lessons must be learned from this historical experience, especially because of the daily and massive human rights violations in the Occupied Territories: the killing of Palestinians, the assassination policy, the demolition of homes and neighborhoods, the imposition of closures and curfews, the establishment of roadblocks and checkpoints that isolate villages, the land confiscation, and the construction of the Apartheid Wall and Bantustans.

We are thankful to Z.M. Yacoob, a human rights activist and a Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, who contributed an article to our first newsletter.

Dr. Marwan Dwairy, Chairperson, Board of Directors, Adalah
New Publications
Adalah's Review, Vol. 4
In the Name of Security
Spring 2004

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