Volume 54, November 2008 www.adalah.org
Press Conference: Adalah and Civic Coalition File Objection to New Jerusalem Regional Master Plan
New Master Plan will prevent the development of Palestinian neighborhoods and further entrench the settlements 
Economic, Social and Education Rights
Supreme Court gives state until May 2009 to cancel “National Priority Areas”
Political Participation Rights
Supreme Court rejects petition filed by the Movement for Quality Government to disqualify the al-Jabha (Hadash) party from the Sakhnin Municipality
Reflections on South Africa
Arab political activists and academics reflect on their recent trip to South Africa and discuss what can be learned from the struggle against Apartheid 
Land, Planning and Housing Rights
Adalah to Supreme Court: Arab family must be permitted to rent home from Jewish Israeli family in Moshav Nevatim despite the moshav's racist objections
Adalah demands that the court prevent the expulsion of 1,000 Arab Bedouin from their homes in Atir-Umm el-Hieran and the destruction of their village in the Naqab (Negev)
Adalah petitions Supreme Court demanding that a safe access road be constructed to the school in the Arab Bedouin unrecognized village of Al-Sayyid in the Naqab
Prisoners' Rights
Adalah demands that Israel Prison Service end discrimination against Palestinian political prisoners in the provision of  educational and social services  
Interactive Video Feature
Arab law students speak out about studying at Israeli universities and colleges

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Upcoming Int’l Advocacy &
Hearings in Adalah’s Cases

Thursday, 4.12.08, Geneva
13:00: Badil and Adalah event “Israel
’s Non-Compliance with International Human Rights Law,” Room XXIV, Palais des Nations

15:00: Universal Periodic Review of Israel, UN Human Rights Council, Palais des Nations. Adalah submitted a report to the UPR

Monday, 8.12.08, Tel Aviv
11 am: United Against Torture coalition briefing for the EU and EU member states. Adalah is a speaker

Thurs to Sun, 11-14.12.08, Barcelona
EMHRN General Assembly. Adalah will represent at the gender workshop

Mon to Tues, 15-16.12.08,
Gene Wednesday, 17.12.08
9:00 am (P.P. 609/08, Nazareth Dist. Court)
Representing an Arab political prisoner sentenced to life who is seeking conjugal rights to father a child

13:00 (A.P. 4377/07, Haifa Dist. Court)
Petition challenging decision to appropriate 900 dunams of land belonging to Arab citizens of
Israel in Daliyat al-Carmel

Monday, 22.12.08
9:00 am (H.C. 7311/02, S.Ct.)
Petition before the Supreme Court demanding the re-opening and the right to pray in the Big Mosque in Beer el-Sabe

Wednesday, 31.12.08
11:30 am (H.C. 8036/07, S.Ct.)
Petition challenging the Israel Land Administration’s policy and use of selection committees in allocating land for housing in community towns, which excludes Arab citizens, Mizrahim, single parents and gays

Embassy Briefing
At briefing for embassy representatives from 23 countries, Adalah urges participants to raise racist anti-Arab laws and the October 2000 killings with their governments and with Israel
Badil Awards
Badil Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights announces launch of 2009 Al-Awda Awards competition
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