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Chief Justice Barak: Entire World Reads International Reports about Home Demolitions in Rafah and Thus for Israel’s Interest State Should Respond to Petition in Detail (Photo: Associated Press)
In Response to Adalah’s Demand for Injunction, Jewish National Fund Commits Before Supreme Court to Freeze All Tenders in the North and the Galilee (Photo: Ahlam Shibli)
Land, Planning and Justice
Supreme Court Issues Order Nisi and Injunction against Spraying of Crops Cultivated by Arab Bedouin in the Naqab
Position Paper Relating to Status of Arab Villages Submitted to Investigatory Committee for the Jurisdictional Borders of Beer el-Sabe and Other Towns in the Naqab
Conference on October 2000 Protests - 2.10.04
Introductory Remarks
Mr. Shawqi Khatib, Chair, High Follow-up Committee
Dr. Marwan Dwairy, Chair, Board of Directors, Adalah
Mr. Hassan Asleh, Spokesman, Victims’ Families Committee
Keynote Address
Mr. Peter Madden, Solicitor and Representative of Bloody Sunday Victims’ Families
Panel: Protest and the Or Commission
Professor Yoav Peled, Tel Aviv University
Dr. Ahmed Sa’adi, Ben Gurion University
Mr. Marwan Dalal, Advocate, Adalah
Education Rights
Following Adalah’s Petition, Education Ministry Freezes Implementation of Closure Order against Arab School Pending Review of its License Application
Attorney General to Supreme Court: Education Ministry to Add 9.5 School Counselor Positions in the Naqab.
Adalah: This Commitment Will not Solve Drop-Out Problem

Published in Ha’aretz on 17 October 2004 and signed by the High Follow-up Committee for Arab Citizens in Israel, the Victims’ Families Committee, and Adalah.

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Opening Remarks
Four years have passed since October 2000, and yet no indictment has been filed against any police officer involved in the killings of 13 Palestinian citizens of Israel. Though Article 49(9) of the Police Ordinance mandates Mahash [the Ministry of Justice's Police Investigation Unit] to immediately investigate cases of unnatural death involving police officers, and despite Adalah's many requests, Mahash has failed to act. Mahash withheld four autopsy reports from the victims' families, claiming it intended to launch an investigation. None was conducted. Adalah filed tens of testimonies to the Or Commission on the circumstances of the killings. These testimonies are open to the public, but Mahash has apparently made no use of them. On 1 September 2004, a year after the Or Commission report was published, Justice Or harshly criticized Mahash: “Mahash did not collect any evidence on the events surrounding the killings of citizens, did not gather evidence at the scene, and did not attempt to locate any police officers involved in the incidents shortly after they occurred.” The lecture, published here, by Peter Madden, who represents many Bloody Sunday victims’ families from the north of Ireland, raises the question: Does Mahash's conduct provide further reason for future protests by the Arab minority?
HRA Report: Four Years On From October 2000
Call for Papers Adalah’s Review, Vol.5 - Criminal Justice System
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