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Adalah's New Film: Targeted Citizen
Featuring Comic Duo Shammas-Nahas and Rap Trio DAM
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Adalah releases film on inequality in Israel to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, 21 March 2010

Political Rights

The political trial of MK Mohammed Barakeh opens before Tel Aviv Magistrates’ Court


  Adalah petitions Israeli Supreme Court to permit Arab author Ala Hlehel to visit Lebanon to receive prestigious literature award “Beirut 39”
Water Rights
Adalah petitions Supreme Court to prevent water company from cutting off water to 7500 Arab residents of Rameh village in Israel
Housing Rights
Supreme Court compels Arab Bedouin family to appear before “admissions committee” to consider whether they may rent a house from a Jewish family in Moshav Nevatim
Occupied Territories
Responding to Adalah, Justice Ministry stresses Israel is fully entitled to sell land in East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights to private parties
Eleven-justice panel of Supreme Court holds hearing on Citizenship Law case; Court orders state to provide new data on why the law is needed for security reasons


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Discrimination is the Solution
By Hassan Jabareen
General Director of Adalah

A Jewish family living in Moshav Nevatim in the south of Israel sought to rent its home for one year to close friends, who happen to be an Arab family also from the Negev. The moshav’s committee objected and turned to the district court, arguing that the lease had been made in violation of the moshav’s procedures, which require the committee’s prior approval. The Jewish family argued that this process was not standard procedure at the moshav and that it was not the first time that a home had been rented without prior approval, especially for a short-term rental. The district court that heard the evidence was convinced that this indeed was not standard procedure at the moshav. Members of the moshav spoke openly to the media about how they were entitled to block the rental because it stood to harm the “cultural character” of the moshav. The moshav’s committee appealed to the Supreme Court against the district court’s decision, and this month the court ruled that the rental agreement did require the committee’s approval. Surprised by the ruling, lawyers continue to ask Adalah, which represented the Jewish family questions such as: How could the Supreme Court rule against the findings of the district court that heard the evidence? More ...

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