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 Palestinian Prisoners' Day

October 2000
Advocacy visit to South Africa: Truth, justice and accountability for the October 2000 families
Economic, Social and Education Rights
Supreme Court orders state to appoint members to new committee formed to decide on criteria for allocating budget balancing grants to local authorities

Adalah: Lack of safe road leading to schools in unrecognized Arab Bedouin village of Al-Sayyid in the Naqab violates basic right to education

Political Rights

Adalah: Secret services’ persecution of National Democratic Assembly activists is a dangerous and illegal phenomenon
International Advocacy

UN Independent Expert on Minority Issues criticizes Israel’s Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law
Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network: Note on the Human Rights Situation in Israel and the OPT
HR Debate between deputy AG Shai Nitzan and Adalah GD Hassan Jabareen in London

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Opening Remarks
 Prisoners' Rights
On 17 April, we commemorate  Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, in protest against the continued denial of the freedom of over 10,000 Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli prisons. Since 1948, Israel has deprived Palestinians of their liberty and used them as hostages to achieve national and political objectives. The torture of detainees during interrogation is still being perpetrated today, and the military courts operate in the absence of due process. Israel is still transferring prisoners from the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) to within the borders of the State of Israel, in breach of international law. In Israel’s prisons Palestinians are separated from other prisoners, similar to the racial segregation between blacks and whites in South Africa during Apartheid. Unlike South Africa, where segregation was pursued directly against blacks, Israeli prisons practice separation indirectly, by classifying political prisoners as “security prisoners”. The overwhelming majority of prisoners given this classification by the Israel Prison Service are Palestinians. This classification allows Israel to disguise the racial segregation of prisoners in terms of their conditions of confinement. In South Africa, the race of black prisoners constituted the reason for denying them the same quantity of food provided to white prisoners. And in Israel, the designation of prisoners as a “security detainees” is a reason under law for denying them a bed or a clean cell. The Israeli authorities use this classification as a means of putting forward an ideological vision based on a system of separation that strips Palestinians of their humanity and turns them into inanimate objects whose place is only behind bars and walls. 
Land & Housing Rights
Adalah's Litigation
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