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Palestinian Refugee Property
New internet-based Interactive Map and Database on land expropriations by Israel since 1948 launched by Adalah
Adalah to Attorney General and Custodian of Absentee Property: Israel's sale of Palestinian refugee property violates Israeli and international law
Supreme Court reprimands Beer el-Sabe (Beer Sheva) municipality for its stubborn position against the opening of the Big Mosque to worshippers
Al Jazeera video story: Israel sells Palestinian refugee property
Articles on Torture
Interview with Attorney Lea Tsemel
Conducted by Salah Mohsen, Adalah's Media Coordinator
Torture American-Style
By Professor Lisa Hajjar, Law & Society Program, UC Santa Barbara
Prisoners' Rights 
Solitary confinement wing of the Neve Tirtza women's prison must be closed as the conditions amount to cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment
Following Adalah's petition, Israel Prison Service reverses its ban on books in prisons
Anti-Arab Legislation
Briefing Note by Adalah and the Arab Association for Human Rights:  The new Israeli government launches a flood of legislation in violation of the rights of Arab citizens of Israel
Adalah urges rejection of new bill relating to financing of private Jewish religious schools that discriminates against private Arab Christian and Muslim schools 
Adalah to AG: Proposed new bill to retroactively legalize “individual settlements” in the Naqab violates the rights of Arab Bedouin citizens of Israel
Military Attacks on Gaza
Seven human rights organizations present the UN Fact-Finding Mission on Gaza, headed by Richard Goldstone, with a grave report into alleged violations of the laws of war
Adalah, Al-Mezan and Al-Haq demand investigation into killing of two girls, Suad and Amal Abed Rabbo, at close range by Israeli soldiers during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza 
Economic and Social Rights
Following Adalah and Sawt el-Amal’s petition: Supreme Court orders state to explain why car owners and users should be denied income support payments

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New Publication
Adalah's Review, Volume 5 Spring 2009 
On Criminalization
This volume of Adalah’s Review opens its pages to an examination of the ways in which forms of political activity and resistance are criminalized by the State of Israel, on pretexts of ‘security offenses’ or ‘terror’.

Whereas the criminal justice system is commonly perceived as being aimed at removing ‘criminals’ from the general population, it is often exploited by states in pursuit of other goals. These goals range from general goals, such as the creation of a compliant citizenry, to more specific goals, like curbing flows of immigration or repressing ‘undesirable’ groups, for instance, the holders of certain religious or political beliefs, members of specific ethnic communities, people with particular sexual preferences, and those suffering from mental illnesses. States also use criminal laws to restrict the movement of certain populations within their territories (e.g. the Pass Laws in Apartheid South Africa), to prohibit interracial marriage (e.g. the anti-miscegenation laws enforced in Nazi Germany, and in the United States prior to 1967), and to exclude specific national groups from entering a state (e.g., Israel’s Prevention of Infiltration Law of 1954).

One of the other uses to which Israel puts its criminal justice system is as a means of removing political acts and expression by Palestinian citizens of Israel from the sphere of legitimate action, thereby neutralizing the political dimension of such acts and expression.


New Report
DCI-Palestine: New report on ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children
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