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Adalah: Ministry directive accommodates students speaking Hebrew, other foreign languages while excluding Arabic-speaking students.
According to official data, the cost of meeting kosher standards and complying with the requirements for obtaining a rabbinate certificate (Kashrut) amounts to about 110,400$ per month.
Committee raised numerous issues highlighted by human rights organizations in concluding observations as matters of grave concern.
Plan substantially changes demographic fabric in the area, violates IHL by transferring civilian groups from occupying power to occupied areas.
Adalah and Addameer: Positive announcement comes despite Israel’s repeated stalling and evasion of obligations to date.
Adalah, Al Mezan and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel submitted a joint NGO report to the Committee and attended the review session in Geneva.
Court schedules urgent hearing for 25 May 2016 at 10:00am.
Petitioners: There is no rational relationship between social welfare benefits and punishment for criminal offenses.
"Everyone has the right to be buried quickly, honorably and properly. It is an integral part of the right to dignity, because human dignity is not only the dignity of a man’s life, but also his...
Three cases illustrate examples of the types of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment highlighted in a report submitted to the UN Committee Against Torture
Adalah: The most important thing for us is that the agreement did not impose any prohibition or conditioning of the creative content produced by the theater.
In 2015, Arab towns in Israel received only 4.6% of new housing units and only 2.5% of reduced-cost housing units. Less than 1% (0.8%) of Arab localities received additional government support...
Adalah & Addameer: "Uncovering the truth is a critical component to the rights of the deceased and his family to human dignity."
Preventing an autopsy reinforces strong suspicions that the police tampered with the evidence and impeded the process of investigation.
As Israeli organizations, we express our solidarity with our Palestinian counterparts. We call upon the relevant authorities to identify the sources of these threats and bring them to justice.
Adalah to AG: Israel is using family members as a means of exerting pressure to achieve political goals, violating the very essence of human dignity.
Revoking citizenship sends humiliating and degrading message to Palestinian citizens that their citizenship is conditional and cannot be taken for granted.
Addameer and Adalah view the continued withholding of the bodies of nine deceased Palestinians, the longest of which has been held by Israel for over four months, as a severe violation of...
Trainings provided introduction to theoretical explanations and practical aspects of defending freedom of expression rights, as part of EU-funded project.
Adalah & Al-Marsad: International law states the oil is property that cannot be exploited, and doing so would be a war crime under the Rome Statute.