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The appeal to Israeli authorities, sent by Adalah on behalf of displaced residents of Tantura and the Tantura committee, relies on a new extensive investigation by the research agency Forensic...
After legal intervention coordinated by Adalah, all seven detainees were released with conditions and were issued a 10-day restraining order preventing them from returning to their village. Adalah:...
Archival documents provide clear evidence that the proposed U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem is planned to be built on land that was illegally confiscated by Israel from Palestinian families who have...
The petitioners argue that the Minister’s actions during his first months in office reinforce the notion that the amendment politicizes the police, that it is contrary to the fundamental...
Adalah: The decision expands Israel's two separate law enforcement systems based on ethnic and national affiliation and aims to institutionalize the cooperation between armed Jewish-Israeli...
Adalah files appeal against closure of PID probe into Israeli police brutality in Nazareth during the May 2021 events.
Adalah: the proposed bill demonstrates a clear intent to commit international criminal acts under the Rome Statute of the ICC
Adalah: the decision deepens the de facto annexation of the occupied West Bank and constitutes a crime of aggression under the Rome Statute of the ICC
Despite his medical condition, which requires immediate medical attention outside of prison, Manasra has been kept in solitary confinement for the past 16 months; Adalah: This decision demonstrates...
On 5 March 2023, the Israeli Knesset extended the ban on Palestinian family unification for another year. This extreme racist measure, practiced against Palestinians for the last 20 years, would...
Adalah argues that the proposed ban is part of a larger pattern of attempts to deny Palestinians their right to express their collective identity
While Palestinians imprisoned by the Israeli authorities have always experienced a wholesale violation of their human rights, Israel’s new extreme-right-wing government has taken numerous...
Adalah: The law explicitly and exclusively targets Palestinians as part of Israel's entrenchment of two separate legal systems based on Jewish supremacy.
Since the deadly raid on the Jenin refugee camp and the escalation that followed, the newly formed govt. swiftly advances multiple racist and illegal policies.
The submission to the Israeli planning authorities, the US Ambassador to Israel and Secretary of State, by Adalah coincides with the visit of US Secretary of State Blinken to Israel and the PA....
Adalah: the instructions of the National Security Minister are a form of collective punishment that violates Israeli and international law.