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NGOs to Israel’s Attorney General and Military Advocate General: Stop military’s violent attacks on fishermen and open investigations; increased attacks come as Gaza faces economic uncertainty...
Shocking video clearly indicates appropriate open-fire procedures have not been engrained in Israeli security guards and police officers.
Under current Israeli law, individuals must be at least 20 years of age to qualify for unemployment benefits; large numbers of Palestinian employees losing their jobs during COVID-19 are young people.
Adalah’s Supreme Court petition calls for urgent action in northern Israeli facility housing 450 ‘security prisoners’; Gilboa prisoners unable to maintain required distance of two meters from...
Adalah: Israeli government's aid policy for local municipalities doesn’t take into account distinct characteristics of Arab communities and, in fact, runs contrary to Israel’s Basic Law: State...
Adalah-Joint List petition contends Israeli government decrees violate Israeli constitutional law; expanded panel of five justices slated to hear case tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:30 AM.
For first time, court recognizes restrictions on Shin Bet’s powers but grants lengthy period for legislation during which spy agency can act widely without oversight.
Government coalition deal imposing Israeli sovereignty in occupied West Bank is violation of both international and Israeli law; Adalah to attorney general: Clarify that you will act against any...
Israel’s emergency regulations allowed employers to dismiss pregnant women; following Supreme Court hearing on Adalah’s petition, MK Aida Touma-Sliman: We will fix what Israel’s regulations...
Gisha, Adalah, and Al Mezan send urgent appeal to Israeli authorities demanding they immediately reveal information regarding Israel’s response to spread of coronavirus in Gaza.
Israeli gov’t cancelled emergency regulations after Adalah, MK Aida Touma-Sliman went to Supreme Court, but thousands of women lost jobs during 11 days when regulations were in effect.
As we mark Palestinian Prisoners’ Day this year, Palestinian prisoners and detainees face the additional threat of a coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Israeli prisons and detention centers.
Employers no longer need special permit from Labor Ministry to put pregnant women or women on maternity leave on unpaid leave; emergency regulations disproportionately violate constitutional...
Israeli health authorities’ failures had put the lives of 150,000 residents of overcrowded and densely-populated Kufr Aqab and Shuafat refugee camp at grave risk; Adalah: These new measures are...
Israel’s failure to allocate resources for coronavirus testing and emergency medical services in unrecognized Bedouin villages poses danger to tens of thousands of people in Naqab (Negev) desert...
Israeli Health Ministry’s failures are putting the lives of 150,000 residents of overcrowded and densely-populated Kufr Aqab and Shuafat refugee camp at grave risk.
In the face of potential COVID-19 outbreak in the Gaza Strip, Israel is obliged to take measures to save lives, permitting the entry of medical equipment and supplies, to meet patients’ needs.
Adalah and the Joint List charge that approval of emergency regulations exceeds government's authority as defined in The Basic Law: Government, especially as the Knesset began its activities.
More than 50,000 Palestinian Bedouin children in Naqab (Negev) villages are not connected to electricity or internet, most don’t have computers. Since school was stopped on 15 March due to...
Spraying may potentially jeopardize food security in Gaza at a time when it’s most critical; Gisha, Al Mezan, Adalah call on international community to intervene.