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Bill intended to legalize ethnic labeling of Arab voters; Adalah again calls on attorney general to open criminal investigation against Likud for planting cameras at polling stations during Knesset...
Private Israeli companies seeking to hire new employees sometimes include a 'military background' requirement as code meaning 'Jews only' need apply.
Adalah: Decision confirms our assertion that Likud's deployment of surveillance cameras in Arab polling stations was illegal, constituted ethnic profiling of Arab citizens, and was intended to...
Adalah: 'Jewish Power' knew full well they had no evidence allowing disqualification of Joint List. Their single goal was to promote doctrine of Meir Kahane and to disseminate lies regarding Arab...
With great grief and sorrow, Adalah management and staff mourn the passing of Mrs. Suzan Eghbarieh (Jabareen), sister of our esteemed colleague Adalah founder and general director Hassan Jabareen....
After Adalah petitions Supreme Court, Salwa Salem Copty finally allowed to enter base built on ruins of family's village, demolished by Israel in 1948, to visit father's grave for very first time.
Israeli authorities confirm reconsidering enforcement policy prohibiting harvest of akoub, za’atar, and sage; Adalah demands end to prosecution of herb gatherers.
Adalah Director Hassan Jabareen to Central Elections Committee: I refuse to go in and start trying to convince racists why Arab should be equals.
Under court pressure, Afula to end ban on non-residents from entering park; court ruled local authorities have no legal power to close public parks or collect entrance fees, let alone prohibit entry.
Adalah represented families of 13 Palestinians killed by Israeli police in October 2000; Barak, who ordered police to deploy deadly means including snipers, was directly responsible for killings.
Adalah demands Israeli authorities clarify why no criminal probe opened into planting of 1,200 hidden video cameras in polling stations in Arab communities during 9 April national elections.
Gisha, Adalah, and Al Mezan call on Israel to halt aerial spraying of herbicides along Gaza fence. New Forensic Architecture report on spraying based in large part on work conducted by the three...
Adalah demands adoption of measures that will lead to equality in land benefits policy; gov't set NPAs relating to construction and housing without including Arab towns.
David Yellin College, under pressure from extreme-right wing Israeli activists, took disciplinary action against two students that lacked legal basis.
Birzeit University, Adalah, Al-Haq now fighting to end escalating discriminatory Israeli policy aimed at preventing international academics from staying in the West Bank and refusing to renew visas...
Six UN Special Rapporteurs issued a joint letter to Israel, recently made public, raising serious concerns about Israeli government plans to forcibly displace 36,000 Bedouin citizens of Israel.
Adalah demands Israeli Education Ministry immediately halt online course; Nazareth school cancelled exchange program to Sweden rather than having its students learn racist ideology.
Gisha, Adalah, and Al Mezan filed Supreme Court petition; Israel says it will return another 65 boats and fishing vessels seized from Gaza fishermen within the next four months.
Adalah attorney and her infant son banned from entering public park in Afula after security guard determines they are from Arab city of Nazareth; Adalah takes legal action.
Committees in Israeli Jewish towns can reject potential residents based on 'social suitability', essentially enforcing de facto housing segregation between Jewish and Arab citizens.