Legal Advocacy

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District Committee for Planning and Building, Objection to the Negev Military Intelligence Complex Plan, No. דר/31/מבט/102
Nazareth District Court, Criminal Case: 47188-12-11, State of Israel v. Sa'id Naffaa
Beer el-Sabe Magistrates' Court, Different Motions 6928/03 Abu el-Qian Ali, et al. v. The State of Israel Beer el-Sebe Magistrates' Court, Different Motions 8477/06 Abu el-Qian Ali, et al. v. The...
HCJ 3799/02, Adalah et al v. Yitzhak Eitan, Commander of the Israeli Army in the West Bank, et al
HCJ 4969/04, Adalah et. al. v. IDF Major General, Central Command, Moshe Kaplinski, et. al.
HCJ 8276/05, Adalah, et. al. v. The Minister of Defense, et. al.
HCJ 3292/07, Adalah, et al. v. The Attorney General, et al. (case pending)
HCJ 7960/99, Hashem Sawa'ed, et. al. v. Regional Council of Misgav, et. al.
HCJ 6672/00, Jazi Abu Kaf, et. al. v. Minister of the Interior, et. al.
Permission for Criminal Appeal 1782/03, Misgav Local Planning and Building Committee v. Yousef and Housni Sawaed.
Beer el-Sabe Magistrates' Court, Civil File 3326/04 and 1769/08 The State of Israel and the Israel Land Administration v. Ibrahim Farhood Abu el-Qian, et al. Appeal Against Magistrate Court...
Motion for Permission to Appeal 3094/11 Ibrahim Farhood Abu al-Qi'an, et al v. The State of Israel
Planning Committee, objection filed in 1/11 by Adalah, Bimkom and the Arab Bedouin residents of Umm al-Hieran to the National Council for Planning and Building (NCPB)
In 10/03, Adalah filed a petition and a motion for an injunction to the Supreme Court on behalf of the National Committee of Arab Mayors and in its own name against the Israel Lands Administration...
Petition submitted in 10/04 against the Israel Lands Administration (ILA), the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and the Minister of Finance (MOF), demanding the cancellation of an ILA policy and a...
Petition and motion for an injunction submitted to the Supreme Court in 10/05 in Adalah's name and on behalf an Arab Bedouin citizen of Israel against the Bedouin Development Agency (BDA), the...