Legal Advocacy

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HCJ 2028/08 Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, et al. v. The Minister of Justice, et al.
HCJ 9822/08 The Movement for Quality Government in Israel v. The Director of Elections for the Sakhnin Municipality, et al.
Planning Committee, Filed in 11/08 to the National Council for Planning and Building in cooperation with the Civic Coalition
Beer el-Sabe District Court, Civil File 5018/08 Moshav Nevatim, et al v. Zakai Wazman, et al. Appeal Against District Court Decision Civic Appeal 7831/08 Navatim: Lobor Moshav for Agriculture...
Haifa District Court, Admin Petition 692/08 Khaled Farhat, et. al. v. The Mayor of Carmiel, et. al.
HCJ 6849/08 Adalah and ADVA v. The Histadrut National Federation of Labor Unions, et. al.
A.P. 1998/08 Local Council of Jisr al-Zarqa v. Ma'atz (Public Works Agency)
Tel Aviv District Court, Lawsuit 185/08 The Arab Students' Committee of Tel Aviv University, et. al. v. Tel Aviv University
HCJ 1241/07, Suhad Bishara, et. al. v. the Ministry of Construction and Housing
Haifa Magistrates' Court, Civil Lawsuit 15787/07 Hussein v. Elyahu, et al.
Beer el-Sebe Magistrates' Court, Different Motions 9364/06 Suleiman Nasasra and Adalah v. The State of Israel
H.C. 2848/05, Fatimah Abu Sbeli et al, v. The Ministry of Education, et al (decision issued 23 January 2007)
HCJ 11956/05 Suhad Bishara, et. al. v. the Ministry of Construction and Housing
Tel Aviv District Court 1104/06 Farhan Abu Abeed v. Ness-ziona Municipality
HCJ 2817/06, Adalah, et. al. v. The National Council for Planning and Building, et. al.
HCJ 3239/02 Ead Mohammed es-Haq Moreb v. Commander of Israeli Army in the West Bank