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The Arab minority in Israel has long suffered state discrimination in matters of land and planning rights. Dating back to the 1950 Absentees' Property Law, used to seize control of land owned by the Palestinian refugees forced to flee in 1948, Israel has used legal implements to marginalize Arab citizens. Since then, Israel has consistently employed a discriminatory land distribution policy. While over 1000 new Jewish communities have been established, not a single Arab settlement has been authorized. Jewish settlements in the Naqab are retroactively recognized, while Bedouin villages that pre-date Israel's independence are not – left without water, electricity, or infrastructure. Arab towns and villages are over-represented among the state's lowest socioeconomic tiers.

Adalah is actively challenging these laws from a range of angles across the country. Our legal advocacy efforts include, among others, petitioning the courts and planning committees against forced evictions and home demolitions in the Naqab; attacking the JNF for making land available only to Jews; challenging the state's refusal to recognize or provide services to Arab villages and neighborhoods; objecting to planning decisions which prioritize Jewish settlements over Arab ones; and seeking to overturn policies which discriminate against Arabs in the provision of mortgages and housing assistance.

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HCJ 7649/09 Tawfeq Zedan, et al. v. National Council for Planning and Building
Beer el-Sabe District Court, Civil File 5018/08 Moshav Nevatim, et al v. Zakai Wazman, et al. Appeal Against District Court Decision Civic Appeal 7831/08 Navatim: Lobor Moshav for Agriculture...
A.P. 1998/08 Local Council of Jisr al-Zarqa v. Ma'atz (Public Works Agency)
HCJ 1241/07, Suhad Bishara, et. al. v. the Ministry of Construction and Housing
Beer el-Sebe Magistrates' Court, Different Motions 9364/06 Suleiman Nasasra and Adalah v. The State of Israel
HCJ 11956/05 Suhad Bishara, et. al. v. the Ministry of Construction and Housing
HCJ 2817/06, Adalah, et. al. v. The National Council for Planning and Building, et. al.