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Arab residents of central city plan Friday protest after Lod police commander ordered demolition of Arab-owned home despite court-ordered delay.
Adalah: Constitutional flaw nevertheless remains in place; cutting social benefits as punitive tool against parents of a minor convicted of throwing stones is fundamentally unjust.
Adalah to Tel-Hai College student union: You are telling Palestinian students that they and their art are inferior, undesirable, and even a threat.
450 high school students in Al Zarnouq have to travel to other villages in order to get to and from school; extended daily treks amount to denial of the right to education.
Adalah to Ministerial Committee on Legislation: Two bills initiated by MK Bezalel Smotrich, intended to annex parts of the West Bank under the cloak of individual rights, breach international law.
Court: Law banning Palestinians in Gaza - an 'enemy entity' – from seeking compensation from Israel is constitutional, regardless of circumstances & gravity of injury; Al Mezan & Adalah will...
Four Special Rapporteurs express 'deep concern' that Nation-State Law is 'discriminatory in nature and in practice against non-Jewish citizens and other minorities and does not apply the principle...
Knesset committee set to review 'Death Penalty for Terrorists' bill Wednesday morning; Adalah: Illegitimate bill contradicts core legal rights & is overtly aimed at Palestinians exclusively.
Amendment infringes upon constitutional rights, intended to allow Israel's majority to repress activities and political views of Palestinian minority.
Adalah demands Knesset committee reject bill allowing transfer of powers to non-governmental political body engaged in establishment of illegal settlements.
Court admits regulations violate employees' access to Israeli labor courts – the sole authority that deals with violations of workers' rights – but ruled that this harm is reasonable and can be...
Abnaa al-Balad leader Raja Eghbaria released to house arrest after court agrees with defense team that police behavior confirms he poses no threat justifying detention for a series of Facebook...
Court keeps Arab political leader Raja Eghbaria in detention at least until 15 October; prosecutor doesn’t deny existence of multiple errors in its translation of Eghbaria’s Arabic-language...
In August 2018, several Palestinian human rights organizations attended The Red Nation’s annual conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Israel blatantly ignoring domestic and international law; Adalah demands accountability and prosecution of those responsible for gross violations of right to life.
No indictment filed against Raja Eghbaria; Adalah: Police admitted they exhausted all their questions, court has no legal basis to authorize continued detention; Adalah appeals ruling.
Human rights organizations victorious in Supreme Court: Justices cancel policy preventing access to treatment due to alleged family ties to 'Hamas members'.
On 9 August, Israel fired 9 missiles from drones and warplanes that wounded 24 people – including 8 women and children – and totally destroyed the Mis’hal Cultural Center.