Adalah's response to Israel's declaration of 6 Palestinian human rights groups as ‘terrorist organizations’

Following the declaration of 6 Palestinian human rights groups as ‘terrorist organizations’ by the Israeli government, Adalah issued the following statement:


”The Israeli decision to designate six human rights and civil society organizations as terrorist organizations is an unprecedented attack on human rights defenders who are exposing and resisting the Israeli occupation and its apartheid policies. It is not only an attack on human rights but also an attack on Palestinian existence itself and Palestinians' right to self-determination. Israel is now attempting to deny Palestinians their right to assembly and association by criminalizing civil society organizations that provide vital human rights and social services. These groups are among the most prominent human rights organizations in Palestine that daily challenge and expose severe violations of human rights before the international community. Their designation as terrorist organizations fits totalitarian and colonial regimes and constitutes political persecution under the pretext of anti-terrorism legislation as it puts thousands of Palestinians in direct and immediate danger. Adalah is determined to resist these decisions by all legal means available.”