Interrogations, Arrests, and Indictments of Palestinian Citizens of Israel since 7 October

The data included in this report was recorded between 7 October and 13 November 2023

Credit: Muhammad Khalilia


Report: Interrogations, Arrests and Indictments of Palestinian citizens of Israel since 7 October


Since 7 October 2023, Palestinian citizens of Israel have faced political persecution and a severe crackdown on their freedom of expression and assembly. The repression of speech is the result of widespread and coordinated efforts between government offices, Israeli institutions, and far-right groups, all targeting Palestinian citizens and those who dare to express dissent against the military’s retaliatory attacks on Gaza.

Israeli authorities have accused dozens of individuals of "supporting terrorist organizations" or engaging in "incitement to terrorism" for planning protests and expressing their opinions on social media platforms. The posts, interactions, and other means of expression largely fall within the rights protected by freedom of expression. The speech includes opposition to the targeting of civilians in Gaza, expressions of sympathy for the Palestinian people in Gaza, opposition to collective punishment and war crimes, and the dissemination of news about Gaza.

Adalah’s legal team monitors and track cases of investigations and arrests, as well as indictments filed by the State of Israel against Palestinian citizens of Israel for speech-related offenses. Adalah provides direct legal representation, as well as advice and consultation to private lawyers handling these cases. Adalah works to develop a comprehensive understanding of the ways in which the police, the prosecutors and the courts are dealing with the detentions and these new criminal charges under the 2016 Counter-Terrorism Law, as well as to identify available remedies.

Adalah's legal team cooperates with the High Follow-up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel and its Emergency Committee, as well as with lawyers, popular committees and partner NGOs in many towns and villages to monitor and document rights violations and to represent Palestinian citizens of Israel facing these criminal charges.


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