Infographic Report: Palestinian Students Persecuted in Israeli Academic Institutions

Since 7 October 2023, 113 Palestinian students from 33 academic institutions sought legal consultation from Adalah regarding disciplinary proceedings initiated against them by the academic institutions where they study. Currently Adalah represents 93 students (as of 25 November). Adalah’s legal team outlines the actions taken by academic institutions in the infographic report below.


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The report presents a comprehensive overview of the disciplinary proceedings, highlighting the number of affected students, specifics on the disciplinary actions taken before hearings (i.e. suspensions and expulsions), and other crucial details.


These disciplinary proceedings were largely initiated due to complaints against Palestinian students lodged by far-right political groups on campus, leading to severe measures taken by academic institutions. Government officials, including the Minister of Education, publicly endorse the disciplinary actions against Palestinian students. 


In its representation before Israeli academic institutions, Adalah argues that these disciplinary measures exceed the scope of the authority of the university or college, rendering these actions arbitrary and constituting a severe violations of freedom of expression. Furthermore, these actions have caused significant harm to the students.


These actions are part of a draconian crackdown on the free speech rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel, which has been in effect since October 7. Read more in Adalah’s briefing paper: Crackdown on Freedom of Speech of Palestinians Citizens of Israel