Repression of Palestinian Students in Israeli Universities and Colleges

A special report on the wave of disciplinary proceedings taken against Palestinian students in Israeli academic institutions for their social media use

Since the beginning of the war on Gaza in October 2023, Palestinian students, citizens of Israel, have faced an unprecedented wave of disciplinary action from their universities and colleges targeting their freedom of speech and Palestinian identity. These efforts have been largely focused on the social media posts of Palestinian students, with those who openly reference or express their Palestinian-Arab heritage, religious beliefs or voice dissent over Israel’s onslaught on Gaza becoming the targets of punitive campaigns initiated by right-wing campus organizations, in coordination with academic institutions. In many cases, publications expressing solidarity with Gaza residents, or  Quranic verses, prayers, and other religious texts triggered disciplinary proceedings. These efforts have attempted to label all outward displays of Palestinian-Arab identity as “support for terrorism” and have pursued disciplinary proceedings against individual students to punish it as such.


At least 36 Israeli universities and colleges have initiated disciplinary proceedings against a total of 124 Palestinian students for posts on their private social media accounts. Adalah has represented 95 students. Nearly half of these cases (47%) ended in the student’s suspension or expulsion; the majority of these cases involved either an expression of solidarity with the people of Gaza or citations from the Quran, both of which are  protected by the right to freedom of expression. Notably, the vast majority of these cases (79%) were filed against female students.


These disciplinary policies exclusively target Palestinian students, and have been explicitly endorsed by the Israeli Minister of Education, even as many Jewish Israeli students who post explicit incitement and calls to violence on their social media face no repercussions. They constitute a severe infringement of the students’ civil and political rights, as well as violating procedural and due process rights. In these cases, the institutions are overstepping their legal boundaries, imposing more restrictive constraints on freedom of expression than are even provided for  in Israeli criminal law. Moreover, they lack the legal authority to initiate these proceedings, which go beyond the remit of their codes of conduct for students, which renders the proceedings in clear violation of Israeli law. Though universities are supposed to serve as a bastion of critical thought and free expression for society, instead they have become sites of censorship and mandated support for government narratives.


This campaign of persecution against Palestinian students underscores the reality that in Israel, the protection of rights and democratic principles is exclusively afforded to Jewish citizens; Palestinian citizens, especially during times of conflict, are viewed as an internal enemy and their political views are severely suppressed. The present round of suppression, initiated after the start of the war on 7 October, has further entrenched this reality and set a new baseline level of suppression for Palestinian students. It has also created a hostile, inciting, and unsafe academic environment for many Palestinian students and faculty members in Israeli academic institutions.


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