Adalah Hosts Panel Discussion on "The Palestinian Minority in Israel: Between Integration and Collective Rights"

On October 9th 1999, Adalah hosted a panel discussion entitled “The Palestinian Minority in Israel: Between Integration and Collective Rights” at its offices in Shfaram.  Speakers at the event included: MK Mohammed Baraka (Jebha/Hadash), MK Dr. Azmi Bishara (Tajamo’ah/Balad), Senior Lecturer Sami Shmooha from the Sociology Department at Haifa University, Sheikh Raed Salah, the Mayor of Umm al Fahm, and Wakim Wakim, Advocate, the Secretary of the Committee for the Defense of the Rights of the Uprooted Palestinians.  Approximately 100 academics, community leaders, students, and others attended the event.  All of the speakers agreed that there was an urgent need for the development of democratically elected Arab institutions and bodies.  These bodies, according to the speakers, should represent the Arab community vis-a-vis the State, and formulate creative solutions to its unique challenges.  In addition, the speakers addressed the question of the power dynamic between the state and the Arab community, discussing how autonomy could develop, and whether it should be demanded by the Arab community or granted by the state.  The event was moderated by Marwan Dalal, Advocate, Staff Attorney for Adalah.  Hisham Na’fa, journalist, and Hassan Jabareen, General Director of Adalah, served as commentators.