Adalah Denounces Opening of Investigation by Registrar of Associations


Yesterday, Adalah announced that it has learned through media reports of a pending investigation into the organization by the Ministry of the Interior's Registrar of Associations. "These reports are particularly disturbing in light of the fact that we have not yet been contacted officially by the Registrar's office," stated Adalah General Director Hassan Jabareen. "Adalah is deeply concerned that notification of an official investigation by a governmental body was given to the media and has not yet been given to our organization," he added. 

Adalah staff learned through journalists and media reports that the Registrar of Associations intends to investigate the organization on grounds of undertaking activities beyond the scope of its mandate; affiliation with a political party; and financial mismanagement. The organization unequivocally denies the allegations. Further, if the media reports are accurate representations of the charges made by the Registrar of Associations, Adalah believes that the investigation is a politically-motivated attempt by the government to suppress and delegitimize the struggle of the Palestinian citizens of Israel for their civil and human rights. 

Founded in 1996, Adalah has been registered as an association under the Law of Associations (Non-Governmental Organizations) since December 1997. "Adalah is a human rights center with no political affiliation, and it has been and continues to be managed in full compliance with Israeli law," said Jabareen. He stated that the organization had even published the five highest staff salaries inKul al-Arab, one of the Arab papers in Israel, several months ago in its effort to be fully open and transparent to the community. 

Despite these unfounded allegations, Adalah will continue its daily work to protect and defend the human rights of the Palestinian citizens of Israel.