Supreme Court Issues Order Nisi: Knesset and National Insurance Institute to Respond to Cuts in Child Allowances Petitions


Today, the Supreme Court held a hearing on a petition filed by Adalah and the National Committee of Arab Mayors on 6 June 2002, against Knesset Chair Avraham Burg, seeking cancellation of an amendment to the National Insurance Law. The amendment, which was passed on 5 June 2002, would apply a 4% cut to all child allowance payments, and an additional 20% cut in the amounts paid to parents of children without a relative who served in the Israeli army. Palestinian citizens of Israel, the majority of who do not serve in the army, would be most severely affected by the amendment. The Court joined six other petitions challenging the amendment, filed by Members of Knesset and Israeli human rights and children's rights organizations, to Adalah's petition for hearing and decision. 

The Supreme Court issued an order nisi requiring the Knesset and the National Insurance Institute to respond to the petitions within 20 days. The Court rejected the petitioners' request for an immediate injunction to freeze the implementation of the new law pending the outcome of the case. 

H.C. 4822/02, The National Committee of Arab Mayors and Adalah v. Avraham Burg, Chair of the Knesset