Adalah's Newsletter Volume 74, August - September 2010


Volume 74, August/September 2010
Economic and Social Rights

Health Ministry reopens mother and child clinics in two unrecognized Arab Bedouin villages in the Naqab as a result of Adalah’s petition

Position Paper: Widening use of military service as a condition for university and employment benefits will create yet more discrimination against Arab citizens of Israel

Land, Planning and Housing Rights
Education Rights

Adalah’s 5th Annual Law Students Conference, “The Right to Protest”,
7-9 October 2010

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Police Brutality

Adalah Uncovers: Former police officer Shahar Mizrahi, convicted of manslaughter for killing Arab citizen of Israel, received extraordinary expenses for legal defense from Israeli police

International Advocacy

UN Human Rights Committee issues 22 concluding observations on civil and political rights violations by Israel

Palestinians in Israel | Palestinians in the OPT

Concluding observations: English | Arabic | Hebrew

Adalah briefing paper on key concerns regarding the rights of the Arab minority in Israel: EU-Israel informal human rights working group

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