Adalah's Newsletter Volume 73, July 2010


Political Rights

Prisoners' Rights

Obstacles to prisoners' access to Israeli courts: Position paper by Adalah and the Legal Clinic for Prisoners' Rights & Rehabilitation at Haifa University

Police Brutality

Adalah to the Justice Minister and Attorney General:  Pardoning a police officer convicted of killing an Arab citizen of Israel will show the state's unwillingness to change patterns of violent behavior 

Land and Planning Rights

Adalah and the Arab Center for Alternative Planning demand cancellation of regional plan to establish “Harish”, a new Jewish ultra-Orthodox city in the Arab Wadi ‘Ara area of Israel

Adalah submits amended Supreme Court petition demanding cancellation of "admission committees" for excluding Arab citizens from state lands

Economic and Social Rights

Supreme Court: State must explain why Arab village of Aramshe receives no state subsidies to produce and market eggs and why there are no clear and equal criteria for the allocation of these benefits

Adalah to Israeli Government: Lift ban on West Bank Palestinian-manufactured products from entering East Jerusalem

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