Why International Advocacy?

Adalah's International Advocacy team publicizes Adalah's work abroad and does outreach to other countries with close diplomatic tiees to Israel. Adalah also reports extensively to UN treaty bodies that monitor implementations of binding treaties that Israel has signed, such as the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

Adalah conducts international advocacy:

  • To promote the Israeli government's compliance with its international human rights and humanitarian law treaty obligations and agreements. Israel has ratified all of the main UN human rights treaties and is bound to these conventions. Israel is also bound to follow several EU-Israel agreements that also contain human rights obligations.
  • To raise awareness within the international community of the institutionalized discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel in order to better protect rights on the national level, and of the gross violations of the human rights of Palestinians in the OPT. The purpose of this awareness raising is to influence international actors to compel Israel to cease its human rights violations.

Adalah's work in the European Union takes place mainly in partnership with the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, a coalition of over 80 NGOs and individuals from over 30 countries. EMHRN publishes reports and conducts advocacy visits to individual EU member countries, to the EU Parliament, and to groups such as the EU-Israel Working Group on Human Rights. EMHRN partnered with Adalah to release the report "The EU and the Arab Minority in Israel," which prompted the EU to be much firmer with Israel on the country's treatment of the Palestinian Arab minority.

Adalah conducts extensive outreach to the United States annually, including lobbying visits to the US Congress and academic lectures. Some of Adalah's US lobbying trips are organized through Project Engage

Adalah's work in the United Nations includes briefing Special Rapporteurs on topics related to Israel and reporting and briefing UN monitoring bodies of treaties that Israel has signed that bind it to certain international law standards. Read more on the Interventions to UN Committees page.