Supreme Court Decisions in Adalah's Cases

Supreme Court Decisions in Adalah's Cases
Civil and Political Rights
Six-month Foreign Travel Ban Imposed on Sheikh Ra'ed Salah is Unconstitutional
HCJ 4706/02 Sheikh Ra'ed Salah, et. al. v. the Minister of the Interior

Challenging the Citizenship Law Banning Family Unification
HCJ 7052/03 Adalah, et al v. The Minister of Interior and the Attorney General

MK Bishara's Political Speeches Case: Parliamentary Immunity is a per se Matter of Law

Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights
Equal Access for Arab Students to Academic Enrichment (Shahar) Programs
HJC 2814/97 Follow-Up Committee on Arab Education, et. al. v. Minister of Education, et. al.

Challenging the ILA's Spraying of Crops Cultivated by Arab Bedouin in the Naqab
HCJ 2887/04 Saleem Abu Medeghem, et. al. v. Israel Lands Administration, et. al.

Appealing against Policy of not Providing Drinking Water in Unrecognized Villages in the Naqab
C.A. (Civil Appeal) 9535/06, Abdullah Abu Musa'ed, et al. v. The Water Commissioner and the Israel Lands Administration
Land and Planning
Challenge to the "Wine Path Plan" for the Establishment of Individual Settlements in the
Religious Rights
Equal Funding for Arab Religious Cemeteries
Prisoners' Rights

Challenging Military Order Preventing Palestinian Detainees from Meeting their Lawyers
HCJ 3239/02 Ead Mohammed es-Haq Moreb v. Commander of Israeli Army in the West Bank

Challenging Inhuman Conditions of Detention for 1,400 Palestinian Detainees from the West Bank
HCJ 3278/02 Hamoked v. The Commander of the Israeli Army in the West Bank
Occupied Territories
Denial of Medical Treatment for the Sick and Wounded, Access of Medical Personnel and the Right to Burial of the Dead
HCJ 2936/02 Physicians for Human Rights-Israel v.  Commander of the Israeli Army in the West Bank

Seven Human Rights Organizations Demand that Israeli Army Stop Using Palestinian Civilians as Human Shields
HCJ 3799/02 Adalah, et. al. v. Yitzhak Eitan, Commander of the Israeli Army in the West Bank, et. al.

Inhumane Treatment of Palestinian Detainees at Ansar III Detention Center
HCJ 5591/02 Adalah, et. al. v. Yuni Ben David, Military Commander of Ansaw III, et. al.

Cancellation of Racist Law Preventing Palestinians from Claiming Compensation from Israel
HCJ 8276/05 Adalah, et. al. v. The Ministry of Defense, et. al.