Pending Land and Planning Cases

Supreme Court

1. Demanding the cancellation of an Israel Land Administration (ILA) policy permitting the marketing and allocation of Jewish National Fund (JNF)-controlled lands by the ILA through bids open only to Jewish Individuals.
HCJ 9205/04, Adalah v. Israel Land Administration, et al.  

2. Demanding the cancellation of new "Admissions Committee Law" which legitimizes "admission committees" and the use of “social suitability” criterion to determine whether to accept or reject individuals who wish to live in these towns. Hearing in 12/2012.
HCJ 2504/11, Adalah, et al v. The Knesset, et al.

3. Motion for permission to appeal to the Supreme Court against the decision of the Beer el-Sabe (Beer Sheva) District Court to allow the eviction of Arab Bedouin citizens of Israel from their homes in the unrecognized villages of Umm el-Hieran and Atir for the state authorities to build a new Jewish town named "Hiran" on the same land. Hearing in 2/2013.
Motion for Perm. to Appeal 3094/11, Ibrahim Farhood Abu al-Qi'an et al. v. The State of Israel

District and Magistrates’ Courts

4. Seeking the cancellation of evacuation lawsuits against about 1,000 Arab Bedouin citizens of Israel living in Atir-Umm el-Hieran in the Naqab and demanding recognition for the unrecognized village 
Beer el-Sabe Magistrates’ Court, Civil File 1769/08, The State of Israel and the Israel Land Administration v. Ibrahim Farhood Abu el-Qian, et al. (+ legal representation on 26 additional civil files) (see Motion for Permission to Appeal 3094/11 above)

5. Motions to cancel ex parte demolition orders against 33 homes in the unrecognized Arab Bedouin village of Umm el-Hieran in the Naqab
Beer el
-Sabe District Court, 507611-01-12, Abu el-Qian, et al. v. The State of Israel (case pending).

Defending a precedent-setting decision delivered by the Kiryat Gat Magistrates’ Court in 12/11 ordering the immediate cancellation of 51 demolition orders for the homes of 500 residents in the unrecognized Arab Bedouin village of Al-Sira in the Naqab. The state has appealed the decision.
Beer el-Sabe District Court, Different Criminal Appeal 62341-01-12, State of Israel v. Odeh Mousa Nasasra
Planning and Governmental Committees

7. Objection submitted to the detailed regional plan for K’far Vradim, a Jewish village in the Galilee near the Arab village of Tarshiha.
Objection filed in 10/10 by Adalah and Arab Center for Alternative Planning
8. Objection submitted against the “Yatir Forest Plan 11/03/264,” which would destroy the unrecognized Arab Bedouin village of Atir and establish a forest in its place.
Objection filed by Adalah and Bimkom to the District Committee for Planning and Building – Southern District in 12/11
9. Objection filed against government plans to build “Intelligence City”, a consolidation of several military basesin the south to also include lands on which unrecognized Arab Bedouin villages lie.
Objection submitted by Adalah, Bimkom and the Regional Council for the Unrecognized Villages in the Negev (RCUV) to the District Committee for Planning and Building – Southern District in 3/12