Pending Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Cases

Supreme Court


1. Seeking the inclusion of the Arab village of Aramshe on the list of communities eligible for lucrative egg production and marketing subsidies (only Jewish towns now receive these benefits).
HCJ 3815/08, Eyad el-Mugheys, et al. v. The Minister of Agriculture

2. Demanding the annulment of amendment No. 113 to the National Insurance Law, which states that if a child does not receive vaccinations mandated by the Health Ministry, his/her state-funded child allowance payments will be decreased by 60 percent.  
HCJ 7245/10, Adalah v. Minister of Welfare and Social Affairs

3. Appeal to the Supreme Court in 3/12 against the Haifa District Court’s decision to deny access to water to Arab Bedouin residents living in the unrecognized village of Umm al-Hieran. This appeal follows a landmark Supreme Court decision delivered in Adalah’s case in 6/11 ruling that the right to water is a constitutional right, and that all citizens possess the right to minimal water access, regardless of the legal status of their community. 
C.A. (Civil Appeal) 2541/12 - Salib Abu al-Qi'an vs. The Government Authority for Water and Sewage