Pending Occupied Palestinian Territory Cases



1. Adalah and ACRI, as amicus curiae before the Supreme Court, challenging the unprecedented revocation of Jerusalem residency status of Palestinian parliamentarians elected on the Change and Reform List to the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) in 2006
HCJ 7803/06, Khalid Abu Arafeh, et al. v. Minister of Interior

2. Motion submitted to the Supreme Court in 1/11 asking for status as amicus curiae to join  several petitions challenging the application of the Absentees’ Property Law in East Jerusalem
Civil Appeal 2250/06, On the Issue of the Custodian for Absentee Property and the State of Israel v. Dkkak Noha et al.
3. Petitions filed in 6/12 and 10/12 to the Beer el-Sabe District Court and the Supreme Court, respectively, on behalf of Gaza residents and Palestinian and Israeli human rights organizations challenging the ban on Palestinian residents of Gaza from entering Israel to access the courts for tort damages cases filed against the Israeli security forces. The state’s prevention of entry is resulting in the dismissal of hundreds of compensation lawsuits. In effect, the state is exempting itself from all damages claims.
(Beer el-Sabe) Administrative Petition no. 43070-06-12, Nasrallah v. the Interior Minister
HCJ 7042/12, Abu Daqqa, et al.  v. Interior Minister, et al. (case pending)