Adalah in the News: 2012

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The High Court has again rescued the shards of Israeli democracy by Aeyal Gross - Haaretz, 30 December 2012

High Court allows Balad MK Zoabi to run for Knesset - Jerusalem Post, 30 December 2012

Supreme Court allows Palestinian MK Zoabi to participate in elections by Noam Sheizaf - +972 Magazine, 30 December 2012

Supreme Court: MK Zoabi can run for Knesset by Aviel Magnezi - Ynet News, 30 December 2012

Negev Bedouins: Dispossession as Existence by Patrick Strickland - Fair Observer, 19 December 2012

C'tee bars Zoabi from polls for supporting terror by Lahav Harkov and Ilene Prusher - Jerusalem Post, 19 December 2012

Arab-Israeli MP may face election ban by Harriet Sherwood - The Guardian, 18 December 2012

In Israel, democracy is delayed for Bedouin by Or Kashti - Haaretz, 10 December 2012

High Court delays decision on Anti-Boycott Law by Yonah Jeremy Bob - Jerusalem Post, 5 December 2012

Rare panel of 9 to hear discrimination case by Yonah Jeremy Bob - Jerusalem Post, 4 December 2012

Arab groups appeal Israel's exclusionary law by Jack Khoury - Haaretz, 4 December 2012

Israel court limits property in Nazareth to former soldiers by Patrick O. Strickland - Bikya Masr, 27 November 2012

Gazans denied day in Israeli courts by Jillian Kestler-D'Amours - Al Jazeera English, 25 November 2012

Another cease-fire. Now what? by Yonah Jeremy Bob - Jerusalem Post, 22 November 2012

NGO fights Israel’s plans to displace Negev Bedouins by Patrick O. Strickland - Bikya Masr, 14 November 2012

Bedouins lament police brutality by Ilana Curiel - Ynet News, 14 November 2012

WATCH: Police fire tear gas on Bedouin children; Israeli media is absent by Yuval Ben-Ami - +972 Magazine, 12 November 2012

West Bank area in the line of Israeli fire by Dylan Collins - Al Jazeera English, 10 November 2012

Palestinian-Israelis wary of upcoming polls by Jillian Kestler-D’Amours - Al Jazeera English, 1 November 2012

Israel: Ethnic cleansing the Negev by Ben White - Al Jazeera English, 22 October 2012

Israeli threat to Bedouin villages by Wyre Davies - BBC News, 18 October 2012


The people aren't stupid by Amira Hass - Haaretz, 5 September 2012

Court demands A-G explain MK Zoabi decision by Yonah Jeremy Bob - Jerusalem Post, 4 September 2012

Be'er Sheva's mosquerade by Ben White - Al Jazeera English, 4 September 2012

Arab-Israelis erect protest tens to battle planned wine festival near mosque by Yani Yagna and Jack Khoury - Haaretz, 2 September 2012


Negev Muslims incensed over plans for wine festival near Be'er Sheva mosque by Yanir Yagna and Jack Khoury - Haaretz, 29 August 2012

Israeli high court decision enables widespread torture of Palestinian detainees by Charlotte Silver - Electronic Intifada, 11 August 2012

The best jokes are true: Divergent views on Tel Aviv by Thayer Hastings - Alternative Information Center, 9 August 2012



The man who turned opportunism into an art form by Akiva Elder - Haaretz, 24 July 2012

Israeli eradication of history: disappearing mosques by Jonathan Cook - AlAkhbar, 9 July 2012

Proof of Institutionalized Racism by Stephen Lendman - IndyBay, 2 July 2012


When does free speech become sedition? by Vic Rosenthal - Jewish Press, 27 June 2012

Rivlin must explain rejection of Tibi Nakba bill by Yona Jeremy Bob - Jerusalem Post, 20 June 2012

Arab, Jewish lawyers win award for advancing peace by Joanna Paraszczuk - Jerusalem Post, 19 June 2012

Upgraded 'Nakba Law' may be undemocratic, counsel says by Gideon Allon - Israel Hayom, 12 June 2012

Words are not enough by Rina Rosenberg - Haaretz, 1 June 2012

Tax Benefits to be Transferred From Jewish to Arab Towns by Telem Yahav - Al Monitor, 25 May 2012

Sderot activists win right to move into Kibbutz Gevim by Tomer Zarchin - Haaretz, 24 May 2012

Erasing the Nakba by Neve Gordon - Al Jazeera English, 22 May 2012

Chilling effect of the Nakba Law on Israel's human rights by Roni Schocken - Haaretz, 17 May 2012

Editorial: Nakba and freedom - Jerusalem Post, 14 May 2012

Arrested protesters tasered, beaten, threatened with rape by Mairav Zonszein - +972 Mag, 12 May 2012

Should Tel Aviv University fund a ceremony marking Nakba Day? by Yael Branovsky - Israel Hayom, 11 May 2012



Water being used to coerce Bedouin villagers, says NGO - IRIN Humanitarian News and Analysis, 29 March 2012

UN panel urges Israel to shelve ‘racist’ Bedouin relocation plan by Dana Weiler-Polak - Haaretz, 26 March 2012

Negev Bedouin file objection to IDF complex by Sharon Udasin - Jerusalem Post, 22 March 2012.

Israel: The Knesset vs. Democracy by Dimi Reider - New York Review of Books Blog, 15 March 2012

All signs point to Israel’s weak democracy by Mya Guarnieri - +972 Mag, 15 March 2012

The killing of Zuhair al-Qaissi exposes Israel's attitude to its Supreme Court by Mya Guarnieri - ‎The Guardian (blog), 14 March 2012

Groups petitions court over anti-boycott law by Joanna Paraszczuk - ‎Jerusalem Post, 13 March 2012

Palestinian Children Inherit Political Separation by Jillian Kestler-D’Amours - ‎Inter Press Service, 10 March 2012

Love in a Troubled Land by Ann Crittenden - ‎The American Prospect, 5 March 2012

Israeli MKs to vote this week on plans to raise marriage age to 18 by Jonathan Lis - ‎Haaretz, 3 March 2012


High Court says car owners can receive tax income supplements by Tomer Zarchin - Haaretz, 29 February 2012

Nazareth-area family finally able to borrow a car by Jack Khoury - Haaretz, 29 February 2012

High Court overturns 'discriminatory' law by Joanna Paraszczuk - ‎Jerusalem Post – 28 February 2012

Beinisch overturns parts of support law in final judgment by Joanna Paraszczuk - Jerusalem Post,28 February 2012

Retiring Beinisch could annul ‘discriminatory law by Joanna Paraszczuk - Jerusalem Post, 28 February 2012

Supreme Court enters new era as Grunis becomes chief justice by Edna Adato - Israel Hayom, 28 February 2012

Controversial figure can leave W. Bank after 6 years by Joanna Paraszczuk - Jerusalem Post, 23 February 2012

Zoabi: Blockade ordered only after flotilla set sail - Jerusalem Post, 15 February 2012

A case of Arab democracy by David Green - Moment Magazine, February 2012


'AIC video: Bedouin demand end to dispossession' by Mya Guarnieri - Alternative Information Center, 31 January 2012

Anti-Semitism and Israel’s inherent contradictions by Ramzy Baroud - Ma'an News, 31 January 2012

Israel: High Court Rulings Undermine Human Rights - Human Rights Watch, 30 January 2012

Israeli AG defends controversial law on admissions panels by Tomer Zarchin and Jack Khoury - Ha’aretz, 26 January 2012

Hamas to investigate attack on human rights activist - Ma’an News Agency, 19 January 2012

New plan criminalizes Palestinian citizens of Israel by Sergio Yahni - Alternative Information Center, 15 January 2012

Critics slam citizenship law ruling for Palestinians who marry Israelis by Hugh Naylor - The National, 13 January 2012

Israel’s Supreme Court Condones Discriminatory Citizenship Law by Sebastian Kohn - Open Society Blog, 12 January 2012

Human rights equated with national suicide by Ben White - Al Jazeera English, 12 January 2012

Israeli high court upholds controversial citizenship law by Batsheva Solomon - Los Angeles Times, 12 January 2012

Court upholds law banning Palestinian spouses from living in Israel by Harriet Sherwood - The Guardian, 12 January 2012

Israeli Citizenship Law Upheld by Court, Blasted by Arabs, Liberal Parliamentarians by Palash Ghosh - International Business Times, 12 January 2012

Israeli high court keeps Israeli, Palestinian spouses apart by Paul Goldman - MSNBC World News, 12 January 2012

Israel citizenship ruling slammed as 'racist' - The Telegraph, 12 January 2012

Supreme Court upholds ban on Palestinians living with Israeli spouses by Tomer Zarchin, Jack Khoury, and Jonathan Lis - Ha’aretz, 12 January 2012

Rights Group Denounces Israeli High Court Ban on Family Unification - Wafa: Palestine News and Info Agency, 12 January 2012

High Court rejects petition against citizenship law - Jerusalem Post, 11 January 2012

Striving not to decide by Yoram Rabin - Ha’aretz, 8 January 2012

High Court ruling on ‘Nakba Law’ reveals its waning power by Fadi Khoury - +972 Magazine, 7 January 2012

Obama's real Israel problem -- and it isn't Bibi by Phyllis Bennis - Los Angeles Times, 6 January 2012

High Court rejects petition against 'Nakba Law' by Joanna Paraszczuk and Ben Hartman - Jerusalem Post, 5 January 2012

Negev Bedouin clan fighting evacuation orders by Jack Khoury - Ha’aretz, 5 January 2012

High Court rejects NGOs’ petition against Nakba law by Noa Yachot and Roi Maor - +972 Magazine, 5 January 2012

Israeli court refuses to block Nakba Law - United Press International, 5 January 2012

High Court Rejects 'Nakba Law' Petition by Chana Ya'ar - Israel National News, 5 January 2012