Adalah hosts and participates in conferences with academic institutes, organizations and individuals on a wide range of topics including international law, minority rights, prisoners' rights and more.

"Security - A Collective Right for a National Minority", a conference held by The Ataa Center in cooperation with the Galilee Society and Adalah

The el-Meidan Theater, Haifa, October 2007

This conference consisted of three panels discussing the issue of security and national minorities. The speakers on the first panel gave presentations on the activities of the Ataa Center, the Arab Center for Emergencies and the Society of the Directors of Welfare Offices in States of Emergency during the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006. In the second panel, the speakers discussed security as a collective right from academic, legal, and psychological perspectives. The final panel dealt with the possible ways of providing individual and collective security to the Palestinian minority in Israel. The speakers included academics, Arab MKs and NGO activists.

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Summary of the Ataa report

"Palestinians and Jews in Israel: On the Threshold of Confrontation or Reconciliation"

Haifa University, May 2007

This conference, attended by over 100 people, was held and organized by the Jewish-Arab Center at Haifa University, Sikkuy, Adalah and the Ibn Khaldoun Center. 29 academics, NGO and political leaders and journalists lectured at this day-long conference, including Adalah Attorneys Hassan Jabareen and Sawsan Zaher. The program focused on the governing regime and demands for change, the Future Vision and Adalah's Democratic Constitution, relations between the two national groups, the state's policies toward Arab citizens, and media coverage of the Arab minority.

Conference Program

10 Years of Adalah: "Society, Law and the Struggle of Arab Citizens in Israel for Rights"

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, March 2007

Adalah organized this conference jointly with the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. Emeritus Justice Meir Shamgar, a former Supreme Court Chief Justice, opened the day-long conference at which 18 academics and Adalah lawyers Hassan Jabareen and Marwan Dalal gave lectures. The sessions were attended by around 75-100 people and examined various aspects of the relationship between Israel and its Arab citizens, including a decade of Adalah's activity and the Democratic Constitution (DC). The conference was broadcast live on Adalah and Van Leer's websites.

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"Security Prisoners or Political Prisoners?"

The Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University, January 2007

Adalah held this conference together with the TAU Faculty of Law, Minerva Center for Human Rights, and Taubenschlag Institute of Criminal Law. It was attended by over 200 lawyers, students, political activists, and prisoners' organization representatives. 23 academics, lawyers, researchers and former political prisoners spoke at the day-long event, including former Adalah Attorney Abeer Baker. The conference examined the categorization of prisoners, the legal system (military courts, torture, administrative detention, denial of attorney visits, confinement within the prison); imprisonment (solidarity confinement and family visits); and release (punishment and pardons).

Conference Program

Ten Years of Adalah: Conference on "Identities, Law and Politics"

The Faculty of Law, Haifa University, November 2006

The Faculty of Law, Haifa University and Adalah co-hosted a 10th anniversary conference for Adalah in November 2006 at the law school. Speakers included Dr. Ilan Saban, Faculty of Law, Haifa University; Prof. Ramzi Sulieman, Psychology Department, Haifa University; Prof. Ruth Gavison, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University; and Attorney Hassan  Jabareen, General Director of Adalah.

Conference Invitation and Program

Conference lectures:

The Conflict Cannot Be Ignored, Prof. Ruth Gavison, Haim Cohn Chair of Human Rights, Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University 

A Decade of Adalah: On the Recognition of "National Identities" and "Civil Equality" in Law, Hassan Jabareen, Attorney and the Founder and General Director of Adalah

Identities, Jurisprudence and Politics: Interim Appraisal and Words for the Future, Dr. Ilan Saban, Faculty of Law, University of Haifa 

On Identities, Jurisprudence and Politics, Prof. Ramzi Suleiman, Department of Psychology, University of Haifa  

"Not on the Map": Government plans ignore Arab citizens living in the Naqab and gravely violate their basic rights to equality and justice

The Cinematheque in Tel Aviv, November 2006

The ADVA Center, the Regional Council for the Unrecognized Villages in the Naqab (RCUV), Bimkom: Planners for Planning Rights, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) and Adalah jointly held this conference to discuss governmental development plans for the Naqab (Negev) and their impact on Arab citizens of the state. Panelists from each of the hosting organizations, Prof. Oren Yiftachel (Ben-Gurion University) and MK Hanna Swaid (The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality) spoke about the master plan for metropolitan Beer el-Sabe; the "Negev 2015 Plan", particularly in the fields of housing and communities; and the Sharon Plan and home demolitions. Approximately 200 participants (a full-house) attended the conference.

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Conference on "October 2000: 5 Years" in memory of the October 2000 protests

Umm al-Fahem, October 2005

In commemoration of the fifth year anniversary of the killings of 13 Palestinian citizens of Israel during the October 2000 protest demonstrations, Adalah, the Follow-up Committee for Arab Citizens in Israel, and the Committee of the Martyrs' Families hosted a conference attended by approximately 160 participants. The guest speakers included Mr. Shawqi Khatib, the Chairman of the Follow-up Committee for Arab Citizens in Israel and Ms. Jameeleh Asleh, a representative of the Committee of the Martyrs' Families. Panelists included Sheik Ra'ed Salah, Head of the Islamic Movement in Israel, MK Jamal Zahalka of the National Democratic Assembly, MK Mohammad Barakeh of the Democratic Front for Peace & Equality and MK ‘Abd al-Malek Dahamshe of the United Arab List, who all spoke on the right to political activism in the wake of the Justice Ministry's report recommending that no indictments be issued against police / commanders responsible for the October 2000 killings. The conference concluded with a performance of the play "Suhmata."

Conference program (English)

Study Day on "The Experience of Legal Representation of Palestinian Political Prisoners"

Nazareth, May 2005

The conference, hosted by Adalah in cooperation with the Municipality of Nazareth, was attended by approximately 150 participants. The keynote speaker was Attorney Felicia Langer, who represented Palestinian and Syrian political prisoners from the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the Occupied Golan Heights before the Israeli military courts for 22 years from 1967. The study day also included a panel entitled, "Law and Political Prisoners." The participating panelists were Attorney Lea Tsemel, Mr. Abd Al-Latif Ghaith from Addameer, and Attorney Fuad Sultani.

Keynote Address: Attorney Felicia Langer, "The Experience of the Past through the Mirror of the Present: Israel and the Human Rights of the Palestinians."

Conference program (English)


Conference entitled "Planning, Control and the Law in the Naqab"

Beer el-Sabe / Beer Sheva, December 2004

The conference, hosted by Adalah, was attended by over 100 participants. The invited speakers included: Dr. Alexandre (Sandy) Kedar of Haifa University; Nili Baruch of Bimkom: Planners for Planning Rights; Hana Hamdan, Adalah's Urban and Regional Planner; Sarab Abu Rabia-Queder of Ben Gurion University; and Prof. Ismael Abu-Saad of Ben Gurion University.

Conference papers:

Dr. Alexandre (Sandy) Kedar, "Land Settlement in the Negev in International Law Perspective"

Nili Baruch, "Spacial Inequality in the Allocation of Municipal Resources"

Sarab Abu Rabia-Quedar, "Women, Education and the Policy of Control"

Prof. Ismael Abu-Saad, "Education as a Tool of Expulsion from the Unrecognized Villages"

Conference entitled "October 2000: A Memory for Protest"

Nazareth, October 2004

Adalah, the High Follow-Up Committee for the Arab Citizens in Israel, and the Victims' Families Committee held the conference in memory of the 13 Palestinian citizens of Israel killed by security forces during the October 2000 protest demonstrations. The keynote speech was delivered by Peter Madden, Solicitor and head of the legal team which represents the majority of the families of Irish civil rights protestors killed by British forces during the 'Bloody Sunday' events. The discussion panel consisted of Dr. Yoav Peled of Tel Aviv University, Dr. Ahmed Sa'adi of Ben Gurion University and Adalah Attorney Marwan Dalal. Over 200 guests attended this highly successful conference. Please click on the following links to read the conference papers:

Introductory Remarks:

Mr. Shawqi Khatib, Chair, High Follow-up Committee

Dr. Marwan Dwairy, Chair, Board of Directors, Adalah

Mr. Hassan Asleh, Spokesman, Victims' Families Committee 

Keynote Address:

Mr. Peter Madden, "The Northern Ireland Experience" 

Panel: Protest and the Or Commission

Professor Yoav Peled, "The Or Commission Compared to the US Kerner Commission"

Dr. Ahmed Sa'adi, "The Concept of Protest and its Representation by the Or Commission" 

Mr. Marwan Dalal, "Comments on the Tense Dialogue Between Truth and Power"


Human Rights and Minorities: Towards the 21st Century

Haifa, November 1999

In November 1999, Adalah, the Heinrich Boll Foundation, and MOSAWA, a Palestinian Arab information center, hosted a conference in Haifa entitled, "Human Rights and Minorities: Towards the 21st Century." Approximately 50 people attended the event, which addressed ways for German and international organizations and institutions to cooperate in promoting human and minority rights in Israel. The conference was organized around two panel sessions: the legal and political possibilities for defending human rights and the need for international solidarity in protecting minority rights. Claude Weinber, Director of the Israel Office of the Heinrich Boll Foundation and Frank von Auer, Cultural Attache of the German Embassy provided a general introduction to the conference's themes. Session speakers included Nabila Espanioly, Board Member, MOSAWA, Muhammed Dahleh, Board Chairperson, Adalah, Gerg Pappe, Commissioner for Human Rights, German Foreign Ministry, MK Isam Makhoul, Yosef Jabareen, Advocate, Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Mohammad Zeidan, Coordinator, Arab Association for Human Rights, and Marian Burtler, Former Minister of Education of Bardenburg Province, Germany. Both sessions were moderated by Suhad Bishara, Advocate.

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