Report Releases

Adalah organizes seminars and public events to announce releases of new publications, including reports on torture in prisons, the unrecognized villages in the Naqab, and accountability after the October 2000 killings.

Seminar for Adalah report “The Accused – Part II”

October 2011

In 10/11, for the 11th Anniversary of the October 2000 killings of 13 Palestinian citizens of Israel and the injury of hundreds more, Adalah published a new report entitled 'The Accused – Part II'. The report further investigates the decision of former Israeli Attorney General (AG) Menachem Mazuz to close all of the files into the October 2000 events with no indictments submitted against any police officer, commander or political leader. To launch the report, Adalah hosted a seminar in Yaffa (Jaffa), organized in partnership with the Yaffa Youth Movement and the al‐Saraya Theatre in 10/11.The event was attended by dozens of local Jewish and Arab activists and residents. Dr. Amal Jamal and Sami Abu Shehadeh from Tel Aviv University, opened the event with presentations. The report’s main findings were then presented by Smadar Ben Natan and concluding remarks given by Adalah’s General Director Hassan Jabareen.

Release of report “Nomads Against their Will”

May and July 2011

To commemorate the 63rd Anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, Adalah published a new report entitled "Nomads Against their Will." The report details the Israeli government's plan to displace the 1,000 Arab Bedouin residents of Atir‐Umm el‐Hieran, an unrecognized village in the Naqab. Adalah held a public event, together with the Baladna Association for Arab Youth, at the Al Meidan Theatre in Haifa in 05/11 to launch the report. The speakers discussed the problems faced by the unrecognized villages as well as the ongoing legal and popular struggles to solve them. The video was also premiered. Around 80 people attended the event, including Arab Bedouin youth from the Naqab. It was widely covered by Arabic media including Panet, Arabs48, Al Arab, Bokra, and Qadita. Adalah also presented the report and video at an event in Tel Aviv in 07/11, which was organized by the Coalition of Women for Peace and the Regional Council for the Unrecognized Villages.

Release of Human Sciences Research Council study on OPT

London and Ramallah, May 2009

In 5/09, the Human Sciences Research Council in South Africa published a comprehensive study, “Occupation, Colonialism, Apartheid? A reassessment of Israel's practices in the OPT under International Law.” Al Haq, Adalah and a team of lawyers and legal academics from the Ireland, Israel, South Africa, the UK and the West Bank contributed writing this 300-page study. Together with several of the authors, Adalah’s International Advocacy Director gave a presentation on the implications of the study at its launch at the School for Asian and Oriental Studies (SOAS) in London in 5/09.

In 8/09, Adalah and Al-Haq held a symposium in Ramallah where research team members presented the findings of the study and discussed potential next steps with around 150 representatives of civil society, political parties, and international organizations who attended the event. Palestinian, Israeli, South African and other international scholars and professionals have provided observations in response to the study.

Memorial and Release of Adalah's Review 3

Shafa'amr, October 2002

Adalah organized an evening in Shafa'amr to commemorate the 13 Palestinian citizens of Israel killed by security forces during the October 2000 protest demonstrations. On this second anniversary of the demonstrations, Adalah also released Volume 3 of its legal journal, Adalah's Review, entitled "Law and Violence." Speakers at the event included Ghassann Agbaria, Chairperson of Adalah's Board of Directors; Shawqi Khatib, Chairperson of the High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens in Israel; Hassan Asleh, father of one of the victims, Asel Asleh; and Samera Esmeir, an Adalah staff member and an editor of Adalah's Review.

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