Adalah in the News: 2015

Adalah in the News 2015

November 2015

How Israel uses its 'security needs' to justify discrimination by Ben White - The National, 21 November 2015 

Israeli ban on Islamic party marks a 'dangerous turning point' by Jonathan Cook - Middle East Eye, 17 November 2015

Israeli officials outlaw chapter of the Islamic Movement, drawing criticism by Batsheva Sobelman - LA Times, 17 November 2015

Israel bans Islamic party in crackdown on Palestinian citizens by Charlotte Silver - Electronic Intifada, 17 November 2015

Israel outlaws domestic Islamic group as police raid offices by Calev Ben-David - Bloomberg Business, 17 November 2015

Israel bans Islamist Arab party, says it's inciting to violence by Josef Federman - AFP/Business Insider, 17 November 2015

'We are the masters,' says Israeli mayor as 3 more Palestinians are killed by Charlotte Silver - Electronic Intifada, 13 November 2015

Israel jails own Palestinian citizen without charge or trial by Charlotte Silver - Electronic Intifada, 6 November 2015

Israel arrests Palestinian teenager over Facebook posts by Patrick Strickland - Al Jazeera English, 5 November 2015

Baby clinic in Bedouin village closed because of lack of electricity by Almog Ben Zikri - Haaretz, 4 November 2015

Palestinian political activism could push toward a one-state solution by Sam Bahour - Haaretz, 3 November 2015

Israeli NGOs angry at new proposed law by AFP - Sky News, 3 November 2015

Israel jails teen for 'intifada' Facebook post by Alia Al Ghusseini - Electronic Intifada, 2 November 2015

Foreign-funded Israeli NGOs angry at proposed new law by AFP - Daily Star, 2 November 2015

Shaked proposes bill requiring NGOs to declare foreign government funding by Lahav Harkov - Jerusalem Post, 1 November 2015

Justice Ministry to introduce bill demanding foreign funded NGOs wear special tag in Knesset by Jonathan Lis - Haaretz, 1 November 2015


October 2015

Palestinian ex-MK to begin jail term over Syria visit by Mel Frykberg - Al Jazeera English, 31 October 2015

What it means when Israel threatens to revoke citizenship by Ahmed Melhem - Al-Monitor, 27 October 2015

Israeli Arab teen charged with incitement over Facebook posts by Jack Khoury - Haaretz, 23 October 2015

Israeli settlers want New York police tactics in Jerusalem by Rebecca Pierce - Electronic Intifada, 21 October 2015

From October 2000 to October 2015 by Sawsan Zaher - Haaretz, 20 October 2015

Capitol Hill briefing brings the case for Palestinian right of return to Congress by Jesse Rubin - Mondoweiss, 20 October 2015

'When the police aren't your protectors, there is no safety' by Amjad Iraqi - +972 Magazine, 19 October 2015

Israeli police and politicians firing up trigger-happy public by Aeyal Gross - Haaretz, 19 October 2015

Hows does Israel stop Palestinian from protesting? by Mya Guarnieri - Al Jazeera English, 19 October 2015

Arrests of Palestinians in Israel soar amid crackdown by Patrick Strickland - Al Jazeera English, 19 October 2015

Adalah demands investigation into Israeli shooting of Palestinians - MEMO, 13 October 2015

Arab League, Turkey slam Israel for latest violence by Raoul Wootlif - Times of Israel, 13 October 2015

'Israel is a terrorist state' by Jonathan Cook - Al Jazeera English, 12 October 2015

Israel police refused to release body of killed Palestinian to family for autopsy before burial by Nir Hasson - Haaretz, 11 October 2015

His home thrice destroyed, Palestinian's legal battles against Israel drag on by Creede Newton - The National, 11 October 2015

Israeli Arab protesters clash with police in Nazareth by Jack Khoury - Haaretz, 8 October 2015

'The problem isn't Arab protesters, it's the society that sees them as an enemy' by Noam Sheizaf (interview with Hassan Jabareen) - +972 Magazine, 6 October 2015

15 years on, it seems October 2000 killings weren't an aberration by Mohammad Bassam, 5 October 2015

Thirteen killed, no one punished: Remembering October 2000 by Amjad Iraqi - +972 Magazine, 4 October 2015

Israeli Arabs mark fifteenth anniversary of October 2000 riots by Jack Khoury - Haaretz, 1 October 2015


September 2015

Israel acts to combat violence in Jerusalem by Isabel Kershner - New York Times, 24 September 2015

Israel attempts to redefine terrorism, but is its definition too broad? by Daoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor, 23 September 2015

Right-wing trolls torpedo $120K honor for Israel human rights group by Oded Yaron - Forward, 19 September 2015

AG approves police use of Ruger rifle against rock throwers in Jerusalem by Yonah Jeremy Bob - Jerusalem Post, 17 September 2015

Israel police plans crackdown on East Jerusalem in bid to curb stone-throwing by Yaniv Kubovich and Yair Ettinger - Haaretz, 17 September 2015

Jerusalem mayor: Israel 'too merciful' to Palestinian rioters by Judah Ari Gross - Times of Israel, 17 September 2015

Israel rearrests Palestinian lawyer freed recently when on hunger strike by Joel Greenberg - Wall Street Journal, 16 September 2015

Muhammad Allan resumes hunger strike after arrest at Israeli hospital by Maureen Clare Murphy - Electronic Intifada, 16 September 2015

Israel re-arrests Palestinian hunger striker by Josef Federman - AP/Yahoo, 16 September 2015

Right-wing cyber soldiers take on Israeli human rights organization by Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor, 16 September 2015

Is Israel facilitating aid to Jewish extremists? by Creede Newton - Al Jazeera English, 13 September 2015

Arab school strike highlights Israel's discriminatory education policies by Amjad Iraqi - +972 Magazine, 7 September 2015

Israel passes 'counter-terrorism' bill in first reading - IMEMC, 4 September 2015

Sweeping anti-terror bill passes first reading in Knesset by Jonathan Lis - Haaretz, 3 September 2015


August 2015

Supreme Court upholds former Israeli Arab MK's conviction for visiting Syria by Jack Khoury - Haaretz 31 August 2015

Supreme Court rejects former Balad MK appeal of 1 year jail sentence by Yonah Jeremy Bob - Jerusalem Post, 31 August 2015

Supreme Court upholds Syria trip conviction for Druze ex-MK by Stuart Winer - Times of Israel, 31 August 2015

Israel confirms jail for Druze ex-MP over Syria trip by AFP - Al Arabiya, 31 August 2015

Israel's Supreme Court upholds sentence for ex-MK who visited Syria - i24 News, 31 August 2015

PHOTOS: Construction for Jewish town over Bedouin village draws ire by Amjad Iraqi - +972 Magazine, 27 August 2015

NGOs want criminal probe into killing of 2 children on Gaza beach by Gili Cohen - Haaretz, 25 August 2015

Video: Dogs treated better than Palestinian Bedouins in Israel by Ali Abunimah - Electronic Intifada, 24 August 2015

Palestinian prisoner ends hunger strike after court freezes administrative detention by Jack Khoury and Ido Efrati - Haaretz, 20 August 2015

Hadash and Adalah protest Bentzi Sau's promotion to Chief of Police - Maki, 20 August 2015

Court suspends hunger striking Palestinian's administrative detention by Telem Yahav and Matan Tzuri - Ynet News, 19 August 2015

Israel's top court weighs release of Palestinian hunger striker by Shatha Yaish - Yahoo News, 19 August 2015

Israel delays request to release Palestinian hunger striker - Middle East Monitor, 18 August 2015

Israel willing to free hunger striking detainee if he leaves the country by Telem Nahav - Ynet News, 17 August 2015

High Court interim ruling: Near-death hunger striker's detention is still legal by Ariel Ben Solomon and Yonah Jeremy Bob - Jerusalem Post, 17 August 2015

State to Supreme Court: We'll mull freeing hunger striker if he leaves country for 4 years by Jack Khoury and Gili Cohen - Haaretz, 17 August 2015

Force-feeding Palestinian prisoners pits Israeli doctors against lawmakers by Ehab Zahriyeh - Al Jazeera America, 13 August 2015


July 2015

26/07/2015 Contre des organisations des droits de l'Homme, Israel veut utiliser las diplomatie - Judah Ari Gross, The Times of Israel Français

26/07/2015 Rule of Law: Is there no law in the South? - Yonah Jeremy Bob, The Jerusalem Post

26/07/2015 Israel has everything to gain by joining the ICC - Yakub Halabi, i24 News

25/07/2015 Quick Thoughts: John Reynolds on Recent Amendments to the Israeli Penal Code - John Reynolds, Jadaliyya

22/07/2015 Israel threatens EU-funded NGOs - Andrew Rettman, EU Observer

22/07/2015 Hotovely demande a l'Europe d'arretez de financer les ONG critiquant Israel - Judah Ari Gros, The Times of Israel Français

21/07/2015 Deputy foreign minister warns Europe to stop funding left-wing groups - Judah Ari Gross, The Times of Israel

17/07/2015 Teaching Tolerance: Five Israeli Schools Unite Jews and Palestinians - Anna Kokko, International Middle East Media Center

17/07/2015 Eshoo, others go to bat for Palestinian village - Charlie Jadallah, Oroville MR News

15/07/2015 Negev Bedouin await forced evictions - Ahmad Melhem, Al- Monitor

13/07/2015 'My Son was executed by the Israeli Police,' - Jonathan Cook, Dissident Voice

11/07/2015 Firebrand MK Zoabi to pay fine for calling Israeli Arab policemen traitors - Jack Khoury, Ha’aretz

10/07/2015 Israel bars Palestinian-funded TV channel from operating - Daniel Siryoti and Itsik Saban, Associated Press and Israel Hayom

09/07/2015 Israel slaps travel ban on Palestinian former mayor - Patrick Strickland, The Electronic Intifada

09/07/2015 Police and Thieves: The man who would be commissioner - Ben Hartman, The Jerusalem Post

06/07/2015 Open letter to Kathleen Wynne regarding her proposed trip to Israel - Joanne Naiman, Blogs

05/07/2015 CIHRS calls for triggering international accountability mechanisms to deter perpetrators and provide remedies to victims - PR Newswire, Star Africa



June 2015

30/06/2015 Church-run Schools in Israel Face 'Death Sentence' - Jonathan Cook, Global Research

29/06/2015 Palestine: News in brief - Green Left Weekly

29/06/2015 Church-run schools in Israel face 'death sentence' - Yahoo! Maktoob News

27/06/2015 Israeli bill goes after human rights groups with foreign funding tax - Ben Lynfield, The National

26/06/2015 Officer involved in suppression of October 2000 riots mustn't be police chief, Arab leaders say - Yaniv Kubovich and Jack Khoury, Ha’aretz

25/06/2015 TA Police Chief Bentzi Sau to be acting national commissioner - Ben Hartman, Jerusalem Post

25/06/2015 Benzi Sau named as new commissioner - Omri Ephraim, Ynet News

25/06/2015 Netanyahu orders shutdown of TV channel for Palestinians in Israel - Patrick Strickland, the Electronic Intifada

24/06/2015 Israel backs bill to allow secret police interrogations to continue - Middle East Monitor

24/06/2015 Focus on values to achieve justice in Palestine and Israel (Commentary) - John Collins,

24/06/2015 Knesset: Select police interrogations can continue without being videotaped - Yonah Jeremy Bob, Jerusalem Post

24/06/2015 Israel's Arab Citizens Fight for a Roof Over their Heads - Jonathan Cook, Dissident Voice

24/06/2015 News Analysis: "Culture wars" hits a nerve with divides in Israeli society - Shanghai Daily

18/06/2015 The Bigger Picture of the Negev's Umm al-Hiran - Nadim Nashif and Dalal Hillou, HuffPost

17/06/2015 NGOs reject Israel's closure of investigation into Gaza beach killings – Staff, Middle East Monitor

16/06/2015 Israeli report on Children killed at Beach flawed - Ray Hanania, The Arab Daily News

16/06/2015 Bedouin village of Atir to be replaced with forest of 'Yatir' - Amjad Iraqi, +972

16/06/2015 Regev freezes funds for Arab theater al-Midan - Ran Boker, Ynet News

16/06/2015 Israel Cuts Funds From Critical Palestinian Theater - Jeffrey Heller, Forward

14/06/2015 The Adalah database of 50 discriminatory laws in Israel - Roland Nikles, Mondoweiss

10/06/2015 New legislation targets Israeli NGOs - Reuters, Ynet News

10/06/2015 Israel destroys land, trees in East Jerusalem - Alternative Information Center

09/06/2015 Bedouin facing eviction submit new appeal to Israel's Supreme Court - Jack Khoury and Shirly Seidler, Ha’aretz

05/06/2015 Israel's funding policy on Christian schools spurs controversy - Lisa Goldman, Al Jazeera America

05/06/2015 Analysis: Is Netanyahu waging 'war' on critics at home? - Jonathan Cook, Middle East Eye

02/06/2015 Fears for cultural heritage as Israel sells off property - Lauren Gelfond Feldinger, Planet Art

01/06/2015 State Atty. says Liberman's 'cut off their heads' not necessarily violent - Orly Noy, +972

01/06/2015 One last appeal before a Bedouin village in the Negev is demolished and a Jewish town is build in its place - Allison Deger, Mondoweiss


May 2015

31/05/2015 Buses take the front in struggle against apartheid in Israel - Naama Nagar, Open Democracy

29/05/2015 Christian school students in Israel protest for more funding - Yarden Skop and Jack Khoury, Ha’aretz

28/05/2015 Church-run schools in Israel say state budget cuts an affront to the Christian minority - Areej Hazboun, Associated Press in Minneapolis Star Tribune

28/05/2015 Christian schools in Israel say budget cuts hurt community - Areej Hazboun, Associated Press in Salon

26/05/2015 Are Israeli Occupation Soldiers Better Sources than Palestinian Human Rights Groups? - Bruno Jantti, Telesur English

26/05/2015 Israel may cut child subsidies for anti-vaxxers - Ben Sales, JTA, Ha’aretz

25/05/2015 Bedouin to ask court to postpone demolition of their southern Israel village - Shirly Seidler, Ha’aretz

21/05/2015 PM tells skeptical Arab party head he'll tackle inequality - Daniel Bernstein, The Times of Israel

16/05/2015 Village of Bedouins Faces Eviction as Israel Envisions a Village of Jews -- Diaa Hadid, The New York Times

15/05/2015 Israeli court says Arab village must make way for Jewish town – Jonathon Cook, Middle East Eye

14/05/2015 The Dispossessed: Sixty-seven years ago, Israel created a Jewish state, and my grandmother was made homeless. – Saleem Haddad, Slate Magazine

14/05/2015 Israel approves demolition of Bedouin village, sparking charges of discrimination – Daniel Estrin, US News and World Report, AP

14/05/2015 Israel continues to criminalise marking Nakba Day  -- Patrick Strickland, Al Jazeera

14/05/15 Israeli authorities hide behind law, ignoring discrimination against Arabs – Mysanna Morany (Adalah lawyer) – Op-ed, Haaretz

13/05/2015 Court-approved dispossession of Israeli Bedouin – Editorial, Haaretz

13/05/2015 Palestinians decry 'discrimination' in Israel since Nakba – Staff, Anadolu Agency

12/05/2015 Israel Jails Palestinian Who Applauded Militant Attacks on Facebook – Diaa Hadid, The New York Times

12/05/2015 Israel's anti-boycott law to 'muzzle' Palestinians -- Dalia Hatuqa, Al Jazeera

11/05/2015 High Court okays plan to raze Arab village, build Jewish one in its place – Amjad Iraqi (Adalah Projects and International Advocacy Coordinator) -- +972 Magazine

11/05/2015 Tel Aviv court overturns assault conviction of ex-Hadash head – Jack Khoury, Haaretz

11/05/2015 Israeli colonialism, plain and simple – Amira Hass, Haaretz

11/05/2015 It’s 1948 again for Bedouin tribe – Oudeh Basharat, Haaretz

11/05/2015 Netanyahu keeps promise to drive Palestinians from Jerusalem – Patrick Strickland, Electronic Intifada

10/05/2015 What it means to be an Arab citizen of Israel? -- Staff, Anadolu Agency

10/05/2015 Israel court approves demolition of Bedouin village to make way for Jews – Patrick Strickland, Electronic Intifada

10/05/2015 On appeal, District Court cancels conviction of former MK Barakei for alleged tussle – Yonah Jeremy Bob, The Jerusalem Post

07/05/2015 Israeli Arabs planning ‘day of rage’ protests against demolition of Bedouin town for Jewish one -- Shirly Seidler and Jack Khoury, Haaretz

07/05/2015 Groups across spectrum react to Shaked’s appointment as justice minister – Yonah Jeremy Bob, The Jerusalem Post

06/05/2015 Israel court rules to raze Negev Bedouin village –Staff, Video News

06/05/2015 Israel to Completely Demolish Negev Village & Displace Residents – Staff, International Middle East Media Center

06/05/2015 Israel court rules to raze Negev Bedouin village – Staff, World Bulletin

06/05/2015 Days before Nakba anniversary: Israel to completely demolish Negev village & displace its people – Staff, Palestinian News Network

06/05/2015 Supreme Court allows state to replace Bedouin village with Jewish one – Shirly Seidler, Haaretz

06/05/2015 The real reason Netanyahu has the High Court in his crosshairs – Amjad Iraqi (Adalah Projects and International Advocacy Coordinator) -- +972 Magazine

06/05/2015 Israel closes probe into fatal shooting – AP and AFP Staff, Gulf News

06/05/2015 Israeli-Arab group slams end of police fatal shooting probe –AP Staff, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (and others) 

06/05/2015 Israel clears police in videotaped killing of Palestinian in Galilee village – Patrick Strickland, Electronic Intifada

06/05/2015 Israeli-Arab rights group slams police decision to close probe into fatal shooting of Arab – Associated Press, Fox News

05/05/2015 Police officers won't be charged in November death of Israeli Arab -- Jack Khoury and Yaniv Kubovich, Haaretz

05/05/2015 Officer cleared in November killing of Arab-Israeli – JTA Staff, Jewish Journal

05/05/2015 Investigators clear cops in fatal shooting of Israeli Arab man -- Judah Ari Gross and AFP Staff, The Times of Israel

03/05/2015 Supreme Court decision in Anti-Boycott Law case and the suppression of internal dissent – Sawsan Zaher (Adalah Attorney) – Op-Ed, The Jerusalem Post

01/05/2015 More than 1,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel protest house demolitions – Oren Ziv, Middle East Eye 


April 2015

29/04/2015 Palestinian citizens of Israel protest house demolitions – Staff, Daily Pakistan

28/04/2015 Israel's Palestinian Population Go on Strike – Jack Moore, Newsweek

28/04/2015 Arab Israelis stage general strike over