Adalah in the News: 2017

Media coverage of Adalah's work and cases.

September 2017


Report: Cyber Unit's anti-incitement activity getting in the way of free speech, The Jerusalem Post, 18 September 2017


Israel’s ‘Cyber Unit’ Operating Illegally to Censor Social Media Content, IMEMC News, 16 September 2017


Ashrawi slams Israel for burying Palestinian bodies in cemeteries of numbers, Ma'an News Agency, 15 September 2017


Adalah says state cybercrimes department lacks 'legal authority', The Jerusalem Post, 14 September 2017


Israel’s expulsion of Jerusalem lawmakers overturned for now, The Electronic Intifada, 14 September 2017


Israel’s ‘Cyber Unit’ illegally censors social media posts, The Arab Daily News, 14 September 2017


'The state can't negate residency of Jerusalemites working with Hamas in PA parliament', The Jerusalem Post, 14 September 2017


Israel's High Court Overturns Recall of Hamas Legislators’ J’lem Residency After 11 Years, Haaretz, 13 September 2017


Israel buries Palestinians in 'cemetery of numbers' in defiance of ongoing appeal, Ma'an News Agency, 13 September 2017


Court: Okay for WZO settlement division to build on behalf of state, The Jerusalem Post, 7 September 2017


Israeli rights groups accuse Supreme Court of backing racial segregation, Wafa, 7 September 2017


Palestinians face ‘racial discrimination’ in Tel Aviv bus station, Middle East Monitor, 7 September 2017


Israel approves land-use powers for body serving interests of Jewish citizens, Middle East Monitor, 7 September 2017


Thousands of Arab-Israelis to have citizenship revoked, Ynet News, 2 September 2017


August 2017


How Israeli citizens are becoming stateless, Al Jazeera English, 31 August 2017


Unexplained bureaucratic error could leave thousands of Negev Bedouin stateless, The Times of Israel, 31 August 2017


OP-ED: Is Black-Palestinian solidarity the best way forward?, +972 Magazine, 31 August 2017


Government strips 2,600 Beduin of citizenship due to 'registration error,' Jerusalem Post, 29 August 2017


Thousands Of Arab-Israelis To Have Citizenship Revoked, The Media Line, 29 August 2017


Adalah: Israeli AG Fails to Respond to Appeals against Closure of Bakr Investigation, IMEMC, 29 August 2017


Child footballers killed by Israel get no justice, The Electronic Intifada, 29 August 2017


Israeli parliament to hold vote on controversial 'Jewish State bill' next month, Ma'an News Agency, 26 August 2017


Israel Revokes Citizenship of Hundreds of Negev Bedouin, Leaving Them Stateless, Haaretz, 25 August 2017


EDITORIAL: Racial Profiling at Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station, Haaretz, 24 August 2017


NGOs condemn proposed Israeli railway in the Negev, Middle East Monitor, 23 August 2017


Guards at Tel Aviv Bus Station Ordered to Use Racial Profiling to ID Arabs, Haaretz, 23 August 2017


Village demolition based on Israel's 'racist' plan, Al Jazeera English, 22 August 2017


Rights groups reject Israeli plan for train line on Bedouin lands in Negev, Ma'an News Agency, 22 August 2017


OP-ED: The story of Al Araqeeb is the story of Palestine, Gulf News, 22 August 2017


Israel delays decision on burying Palestinians in 'cemetery of numbers', Ma'an News Agency, 21 August 2017


"The right needs an enemy. It's a tactic of intimidation.", Globes, 20 August 2017


Al-Araqeeb village:Palestinian Bedouins refuse to surrender 116 times, Alresalah , 20 August 2017


Israeli Court Freezes West Bank 'Land Grab' Law, Haaretz, 18 August 2017


Israel’s ban on Palestinian citizens of Israel entering Al-Aqsa ‘illegal’: rights group, Middle East Monitor, 17 August 2017


Rights group: Israel’s ban on Arabs entering Al-Aqsa ‘illegal’, Middle East Monitor, 17 August 2017


Supreme Court freezes Regulation Law, Arutz Sheva, 17 August 2017


Rights group says police ban on entry of Umm al-Fahem residents to Al-Aqsa illegal, Wafa, 16 August 2017


Israel's ban on Palestinian citizens of Israel entering Al-Aqsa 'illegal,' rights group says, Ma'an News Agency, 16 August 2017


Al-Araqeeb village: Palestinian Bedouins refuse to surrender 116 times, Arab News, 15 August 2017


OP-ED: Revoking citizenship: Israel's new repressive tool, Al Jazeera English, 14 August 2017


Enforcing Israeli domestic law on occupied territory amounts to de facto annexation, says group, Wafa, 14 August 2017


Concern mounts among Arab rights groups over bid to strip Bishara of citizenship, Jerusalem Post, 14 August 2017


Israel is razing a Bedouin village to build a Jewish-only town on its ruins, +972 Magazine, 13 August 2017


Town Built On Ruins Of Bedouin Village To Allow Only Jews In,, 10 August 2017


Israel Moves To Strip Alaa Zayoud Of Citizenship Registrar Journal, Registrar Journal, 10 August 2017


HRW says Israel stripping Palestinians of residency, Gulf News (UAE), 8 August 2017


Israel stripping Palestinians of Jerusalem residency ‘war crime’: HRW, The Nation, 8 August 2017


Israel's Jerusalem residency revocations could amount to war crimes, Daily Sabah (Turkey), 8 August 2017


HRW Says Israel Stripping Palestinians of Jerusalem Residency 'War Crime', Naharnet (Lebanon), 8 August 2017


Condemnation of Israel’s Revocation of an Arab Citizen’s Citizenship, Global Research (Canada), 8 August 2017


Depriving Palestinians of residence will amount to 'war crimes', HRW warns Israel, AP via The Nation, 8 August 2017


Israel wipes out non-Jewish village, replaces with Jewish only plans, The Arab Daily News (U.S.), 8 August 2017


HRW says Israel stripping Palestinians of Jerusalem residency 'war crime', AFP via Dunya News, 8 August 2017


For First Time Ever, Israel Strips Israeli-Arab Terrorist of Citizenship, Click Lancashire Independent News, 8 August 2017


New Israeli Town Built on Ruins of Bedouin Village Trying to Bar non-Jews, Haaretz, 8 August 2017


Israel strips Arab Israeli attacker of citizenship in first such ruling, Xinhua News Agency, 7 August 2017


What steps does Israel have to take to ban Al Jazeera?, Al Jazeera English, 7 August 2017


Israel moves to strip Alaa Zayoud of citizenship, Al Jazeera English, 7 August 2017


Israel moves to ban Al-Jazeera and all of its journalists, The Source, 7 August 2017


Israel strips Arab Israeli of citizenship, despite claims it violates international law, Talk Radio (UK), 7 August 2017


Israel sets new precedent as it prepares to strip Palestinian-Israeli of citizenship, The New Arab (Al Araby), 7 August 2017


Al Jazeera to be banned from Israel and Palestinian territories, Jewish News (UK), 7 August 2017


Israel to strip Palestinian attacker of citizenship for first time, The National (UAE), 7 August 2017


First Time: Israeli Court Rules To Strip Arab Of Citizenship, Newburgh Gazette, 7 August 2017


Al Jazeera Threatens Legal Action Over Israel’s Plans To Close Jerusalem Bureau, JTA via Forward, 7 August 2017


Israel to strip Arab attacker of citizenship for first time, AFP via Daily Mail, 7 August 2017


Israeli court revokes citizenship of Arab-Israeli man over terrorism conviction, JTA, 7 August 2017


Israel strips Palestinian of citizenship for attack on soldiers, Middle East Eye, 7 August 2017


Rights groups say revocation of citizenship of Arab Israeli is a violation of international law, Wafa, 7 August 2017


Israel moves to close Al Jazeera, ban its journalists, Mail & Guardian (South Africa), 6 August 2017


Israel Moves to Close Al Jazeera, Revoke Credentials of Its Journalists, Nigeria Today, 6 August 2017


Setting Precedent, Israeli Court Approves Revoking Citizenship of Convicted Terrorist, Haaretz, 6 August 2017


Can Israel transfer its Palestinian population?, Al Jazeera English, 6 August 2017


Israeli court rules to revoke citizenship of convicted terrorist, The Jerusalem Post, 6 August 2017


‘It’s about revenge’: Court revokes Israeli citizenship of alleged Palestinian attacker, Ma'an News Agency


In first, court revokes citizenship of Arab Israeli car-ramming attacker, Times of Israel, 6 August 2017


Israel has stripped citizenship from an Arab Israeli for the first time ever, Independent (London), 6 August 2017


The Israeli judge who decided certain Arabs are predisposed to violence, +972 Magazine, 6 August 2017


‘Dangerous precedent’? Israel revokes citizenship of Arab-Israeli terrorist for 1st time, RT, 6 August 2017


Israel moves to close Al Jazeera, ban its journalists, Al Jazeera English, 6 August 2017


Groups demand Israel removes army outposts and minefields from occupied Syrian town, Wafa, 2 Aug 2017


July 2017


'They killed him because he was an Arab', Al Jazeera English, 30 July 2017


Umm al-Fahm buries 3 Al-Aqsa assailants after Israel releases bodies, Ma'an News Agency, 27 July 2017


Israeli MK: I'd 'execute' Palestinian attacker's family, Al Jazeera English, 26 July 2017


High Court Orders Israel Police to Return Bodies of Temple Mount Attackers to Families, Haaretz, 26 July 2017


High Court orders police to return bodies of Temple Mount killers, Times of Israel, 26 July 2017


Israeli high court rules to return bodies of Al-Aqsa assailants within 30 hours, Ma'an News Agency, 26 July 2017


Israel's Prayer Ban Just the Latest Example of State-Mandated Prejudice?, Sputnik News, 21 July 2017


Temple Mount Attackers' Parents Petition Israeli High Court for Return of Sons' Bodies, Haaretz, 20 July 2017


Families of Israeli Arab terrorists ask High Court to order release of their bodies, Ynet News, 20 July 2017


Foreign visitors stand by Palestinians as tensions remain high over status of Al-Aqsa, Ma'an News Agency, 20 July 2017


Video of Al-Aqsa attack made public as Adalah calls for release of Palestinians' bodies, Ma'an News Agency, 20 July 2017


Right groups: Israel’s closure of East Jerusalem is illegal, Palestine News Network, 20 July 2017


Adalah petitions Supreme Court demanding return of bodies of Al Aqsa shooting incident, Wafa, 20 July 2017


Israeli forces attack Palestinian worshipers at al-Aqsa Mosque, Press TV, 17 July 2017


Rights group says police killing of three Palestinians raises questions about open-fire policy, Wafa, 17 July 2017


Israeli minister calls for punitive demolition of Jerusalem attackers' homes, Ma'an News Agency, 16 July 2017


The redundancy of Israel's 'Jewish Nation-State Law', Amjad Iraqi, +972 Magazine, 12 July 2017 (Op-ed)


June 2017


B'Tselem chief, Arab-Israeli MK to address UN forum on '50 years of occupation', i24 News, 29 June 2017


Israel's controversial citizenship law persists, Al-Monitor, 29 June 2017


Opinion / Two Kinds of Disbelief, Haaretz, 28 June 2017


New Texts Out Now: Mazen Masri, The Dynamics of Exclusionary Constitutionalism: Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State, Jadaliyya, 25 June 2017


Opinion / Israel's Plague of Darkness for Gazans Is an Act of Terrorism, Haaretz, 21 June 2017


Packed room on Capitol Hill hears Palestinian student say he thought three IDs and a separation wall was normal for children everywhere, Mondoweiss, 14 June 2017


Israel bulldozes Bedouin village for 114th time, Anadolu News Agency, 14 June, 2017


US places onus on Hamas for Gaza crisis, The Jerusalem Post, 14 June 2017


Adalah: Israel Prevents 100 Children in the Negev From Reaching School, The Palestine Chronicle, 14 June 2017


Israel blocks road to Bedouin village, preventing 100 children from going to school, Ma’an News Agency, 12 June 2017


Human Rights Groups Brief US Congress on Palestinian Children after 50 Years under Occupation, IMEMC News, 11 June 2017


Why peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians keep failing, The Times of Israel, 5 June 2017


Chipping Away at 50 Years of Occupation, Human Rights Watch, 5 June 2017


May 2017


Adalah: Israel has no legal right to offer land tenders in W. Bank, Palestine News Network, 28 May 2017


Rights group demands Israel cancel tenders opened in illegal West Bank settlements, Ma'an News Agency, 26 May 2017


Red Cross urges for solution to Palestinian hunger strike, Xinhua News Agency, 26 May 2017


Israel Land Authority offers land tenders in occupied West Bank, Arab News Network, 25 May 2017


Israel Land Authority offers land tenders in occupied West Bank, Wafa, 25 May 2017


Palestinian Hunger-strikers' Health Deteriorating After 38 Days, Say Prisoners, Haaretz, 25 May 2017


Palestinian prisoners protest harsh conditions in Israeli jails, The Militant, 22 May 2017


Clear and present danger in Israel, Gulf News, 20 May 2017


Israel demolishes Arab village of Al-Araqeeb for 113th time, Middle East Monitor, 18 May 2017


Israel razes Palestinian Bedouin village for 113th time, Al Jazeera English, 17 May 2017


OP-ED / Israel Aims New Nakba-Style Weapon at Arab Citizens, Lobe Log, 16 May 2017


Jewish Nation-State Bill: Israel’s Precarious Identity Is Palestine’s Nightmare, Telesur TV (Spain), 16 May 2017


Israel once again delays decision on releasing bodies of slain Palestinians, Ma'an News Agency, 16 May 2017


OP-ED / Israel aims new Nakba-style weapon at Arab citizens, +972 Magazine, 15 May 2017


OP-ED / Israel's Message to Its Palestinian Citizens: Jewish Rights Are Superior, Haaretz, 11 May 2017


Knesset's new bill 'portrays racism as entirely normal', Al Jazeera English, 11 May 2017


Rights groups demand criminal investigation into release of Barghouthi video, Ma'an News Agency, 11 May 2017


Adalah: Israeli police reenactment to five graders of 'confirming the kill' violates law, Wafa, 11 May 2017


The Palestinian Hunger Strike Continues as Trump Prepares for His Israel Visit, Alternet, 10 May 2017


Rights group demands Israel allow Bedouin village to register to vote in Negev, Ma'an News Agency, 9 May 2017


Al-Qeq: Hunger striking prisoners’ determination ‘sky-high’, Middle East Monitor, 9 May 2017


Palestinian prisoners having difficulty standing on 23rd day of mass hunger strike, Ma'an News Agency, 9 May 2017


Bill enshrining Israel's status as 'Jewish state' greenlit for Knesset vote, Ma'an News Agency, 7 May 2017


April 2017


Report: Israel admits to 'losing' remains of Palestinians killed during Second Intifada, Ma'an News Agency,  11 Apr 2017


Why is Israel afraid of the Nakba's March of Return?, Al Jazeera English, 11 Apr 2017


March 2017


Basel Ghattas: Why I brought phones to Palestinians in prison, Middle East Eye, 31 Mar 2017


As Israel’s Arab Home Demolitions Surge, A Non-Profit Group Proudly Takes Credit, Forward, 30 Mar 2017


Land Day protests in Israel: 'We will remain and will not move from here', Middle East Eye, 30 Mar 2017


Adalah: 41 years on, Israel persists in discriminatory policies against Palestinian Arabs, Wafa, 30 Mar 2017


Thousands commemorate Palestinian ‘Land Day’, AFP (via Gulf Times), 30 Mar 2017


Fact-checking Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev, Middle East Monitor, 29 Mar 2017


Two dead and multiple injured, including children in shootings in Israeli–Arab towns, Jerusalem Post, 26 Mar 2017


Permit for Annual March of Return Rejected by Israeli Police, IMEMC News, 25 Mar 2017


Israeli Police Refuse to Grant Permit for Annual Nakba March, Haaretz, 23 Mar 2017


Top Israelis have warned of apartheid, so why the outrage at a UN report?, The Intercept, 22 Mar 2017


Minister seeks database of Israeli BDS activists, Jerusalem Post, 21 Mar 2017


Israel returns body of Palestinian killed by Israeli settler, Ma'an News Agency, 17 Mar 2017


Damning ESCWA report says Israel guilty 'beyond a reasonable doubt' of apartheid, Ma'an News Agency, 16 Mar 2017


Lawmaker Ghattas describes efforts to oust him from parliament as ‘tyranny’, Wafa, 14 Mar 2017


Israel continues to hold body of slain Palestinian activist Basel al-Araj, Ma'an News Agency, 14 Mar 2017


Israel Urged Not to Use Palestinian Land-grab Law Until Court Rules on Legality, Haaretz, 12 Mar 2017


Muting mosque bill gets initial thumbs up in Israel, Al Jazeera English, 9 Mar 2017


Israeli travel ban targets Palestinian, international boycott advocates, AIC, 8 Mar 2017


Anti-Trump protesters denounce US ban but silent on Israel’s, Arab News, 8 Mar 2017


Israel takes action against boycotters. Is that counterproductive?, Christian Science Monitor, 8 Mar 2017


Human rights groups slam Israel’s travel ban law for supporters of boycott, Middle East Monitor, 8 Mar 2017


Lobby group laments Israel travel ban as “victory” for BDS, The Electronic Intifada, 7 Mar 2017


Israel steps up battle against boycott movement, ABC News (Via AP), 7 Mar 2017


Israel steps up battle against boycott movement, Yahoo News, 7 Mar 2017


Israel steps up battle against boycott movement, AP, 7 Mar 2017


Israel's travel ban: Boycott supporters to be turned away, CNN, 7 Mar 2017


Knesset passes 'BDS ban' preventing foreign boycott supporters from entering Israel, Ma'an News Agency, 7 Mar 2017


Israel’s travel ban law on boycott activists violates basic tenets of democracy, says groups, Wafa, 7 Mar 2017


Israel's Travel Ban: Knesset Bars Entry to Foreigners Who Call for Boycott of Israel or Settlements, Haaretz, 7 Mar 2017


EXPLAINED: Why Did Israel Impose An Anti-BDS Travel Ban?, Forward, 7 Mar 2017


A different travel ban, Vice, 7 Mar 2017


New homes not intended for Arab village facing severe housing shortage, says group, Wafa, 6 Mar 2017


'Settlements law could open Israelis to war crimes prosecution', Jerusalem Post, 5 Mar 2017


February 2017


Palestinian prisoners urged to boycott Israeli courts, Al Jazeera English, 28 Feb 2017


Israel Supreme Court postpones decision over release of 6 slain Palestinians' bodies, Ma'an News Agency, 27 Feb 2017


The Higher the Rank, the Greater the Immunity for Killing Palestinians, Haaretz, 26 Feb 2017


Israel's hateful posts target Palestinian politicians, Al Jazeera English, 27 Feb 2017


Palestinians face intense online hate from Israelis, say campaigners, Middle East Eye, 25 Feb 2017


Sixteen human rights groups in Israel denounce entry ban against Human Rights Watch member, Wafa, 25 Feb 2017


Tension grows over Israeli soldier's manslaughter conviction, Daily Sabah (Turkey), 23 Feb 2017


IDF soldier jailed for killing terrorist, Australian Jewish News, 22 Feb 2017


Israeli minister backtracks on claims of vehicular attack during Umm al-Hiran raid, Ma'an News Agency, 22 Feb 2017


We should support the Palestinians, not Israel, Red Flag (Australia), 22 Feb 2017


Israeli soldier sentenced to 18 months for killing a wounded Palestinian in a case that roiled the nation, Los Angeles Times, 21 Feb 2017


Sentencing of Israeli soldier in shooting deepens fissures, ABC News (Via AP), 21 Feb 2017


Sentencing of Israeli soldier in shooting deepens fissures, Boston Herald (Via AP), 21 Feb 2017


Most Israelis oppose soldier's manslaughter conviction, Deutsche Welle, 21 Feb 2017


Israeli soldier jailed for killing injured Palestinian attacker, The Guardian, 21 Feb 2017


Elor Azaria verdict: 'No justice for Palestinians', Al Jazeera English, 21 Feb 2017


18 months for Israeli soldier who killed Palestinian, Anadolu Agency (Turkey), 21 Feb 2017


Israel to return body of Palestinian who succumbed to injuries a week earlier, Ma'an News Agency, 16 Feb 2017


Raja Shehadeh: Israel land grab anti-democratic, The Gulf Today (UAE), 16 Feb 2017


Israeli forces demolish house in Bedouin village in Negev, leave disabled woman homeless, Ma'an, 16 Feb 2017


Unpacking anti-Arab racism in Israel, +972 Magazine, 15 Feb 2017


Opinion // U.S. Judges: A Light Unto the Nations, Haaretz, 14 Feb 2017


Rights group says Israeli police intimidate Arab school children seeking to protest, Wafa, 14 Feb 2017


Israel forges ahead to silence Muslim prayers, The Arab Daily News, 14 Feb 2017


For Arab MPs, Israeli parliament 'harder than ever', AFP (via Daily Mail UK), 12 Feb 2017


Rivlin said to warn outpost law redolent of ‘apartheid’, Times of Israel, 12 Feb 2017


Palestinians ask Israeli court to reject land grab law, Al Jazeera English, 11 Feb 2017


México pide a Israel revertir ley para regularizar colonias en Cisjordania, Tribu Magazine (Mexico), 10 Feb 2017


Israel’s new settlement law is an affront to democracy, Los Angeles Times, 9 Feb 2017


Israel’s top court asked to strike down settler law, The Daily Star (Lebanon), 9 Feb 2017


Contentious Israeli settlement law taken to the Supreme Court, DPA (via Al Bawaba), 9 Feb 2017


100-year-old Bedouin woman left homeless as Israel continues Negev demolitions, Ma'an News Agency, 9 Feb 2017


Rights groups challenge Israel settlements law in court, BBC, 8 Feb 2017


Rights groups ask court to bar Israel from taking Palestinian land for settlements, Washington Post, 8 Feb 2017


Rights groups mount legal challenge to Israel settlement law, Deutsche Welle, 8 Feb 2017


Rights groups challenge Israel's new settlements law in court, Reuters, 8 Feb 2017


Israeli rights groups move to strike down settlement law, Daily Mail Online (via AP), 8 Feb 2017


Rights groups move to strike down Israel's West Bank settlement law, Boston Globe (via AP)


Israeli groups sue to stop settlement legalization law, AP, 8 Feb 2017


Palestinian groups challenge Israel's West Bank settlement law, UPI, 8 Feb 2017


Abbas threatens to end Israel cooperation over colonies push, Gulf News, 8 Feb 2017


Palestinian groups challenge Israeli settlement law, Anadolu Agency (Turkey), 8 Feb 2017


Palestinian municipalities petition Israeli court to axe settlements law, Jerusalem Post, 8 Feb 2017


Right demands AG halts settler home demolitions following Regulation Law passing, Ynet News, 8 Feb 2017


Palestinians Petition Israeli High Court in First Legal Challenge to Land-grab Law, Haaretz, 8 Feb 2017


Groups petition High Court to strike down outpost law, Times of Israel, 8 Feb 2017


Radical left NGOs: Regulation Law is a war crime, Israel National News (Arutz 7), 8 Feb 2017


Rights groups to petition Israel’s High Court against regularization law, Wafa, 8 Feb 2017


High Court Gives State Thirty Days to Answer Land Petitions, Hamodia, 8 Feb 2017


Israel’s High Court gives govt 30 days to defend law legalizing ‘settlements’, World Israel News, 8 Feb 2017


Rights group: Israeli online incitement towards Arabs doubled in 2016, Mondoweiss, 8 Feb 2017


AP Top News: Israeli rights groups move to strike down settlement law, AP, 8 Feb 2017


Israel's top court petitioned to strike down settler law, AFP, 8 Feb 2017


Meet the ‘Jewish National Fund’ and Its Role in Israel and Palestine, Global Voices, 8 Feb 2017


Israeli settlement law 'violates rights and dignity', Al Jazeera English, 8 Feb 2017


Israeli Rights Groups Move to Strike Down Settlement Law, New York Times (via AP), 8 Feb 2017


Palestinians have called for the international community to punish Israel over the legislation, 124, 8 Feb 2017


Palestinians Seek International Action After Israel Legalizes Settlements, Voice of America, 7 Feb 2017


Israeli settlement law under fire as rights groups brace for battle, The National (UAE), 7 Feb 2017


Palestinian officials condemn Israeli move to legalize settlements built on stolen land, Al Bawaba, 7 Feb 2017


Likud Minister: 'Time to remake Israel as a real democracy', Jerusalem Post, 7 Feb 2017


Israel Passes Contentious Palestinian Land-grab Bill in Late Night Vote, Haaretz, 7 Feb 2017


New Israeli settlement plans test peace with Palestinians, The Stream (Al Jazeera live broadcast), 6 Feb 2017


Israel passes law to legalize theft of private Palestinian land, Electronic Intifada, 6 Feb 2017


VIDEO: 'Right now we are here without anything', AIC, 5 Feb 2017


Despite White House warning, Israel pushes settlement bill, AP, 5 Feb 2017


Israel set to pass law banning BDS activists from entry, Al Jazeera English, 3 Feb 2017


Without bus stops, Bedouin children risk their lives to go to school, AIC, 2 Feb 2017


Adalah: Unlike Jewish communities in the south, Arab children do not have school bus stops, Wafa, 2 Feb 2017


Israel: Calls to stop demolitions intensify after teacher’s death, New Internationalist Magazine, 1 Feb 2017


Family of boy paralyzed by Israel sues for damages, Electronic Intifada, 1 Feb 2017


January 2017


Rights groups petition Israel’s High Court against discriminatory land law, Wafa, 31 Jan 2017


Umm El Hiran, Freud and the Zionists’ original sin, The Jordan Times, 29 Jan 2017


Israel returns body of 18-year-old Palestinian girl after 7 months, AhlulBayt News Agency (Iran), 28 Jan 2017


High Court: Israel Must Prove Stone-throwing Law Doesn't Discriminate Arabs, Haaretz, 28 Jan 2017


‘We are building and will continue to build’, Australian Jewish News, 25 Jan 2017


Israel's Judges Paved the Way for What Happened in Bedouin Village, Haaretz, 25 Jan 2017


Umm al-Hiran: A Cautionary Tale of an Israeli Government Emboldened by Trump, Haaretz, 24 Jan 2017


When the High Court has to intervene so a Palestinian family can mourn, +972 Magazine, 24 Jan 2017


Thousands attend funeral of Palestinian teacher after Israel returns his body, Middle East Eye, 24 Jan 2017


Israel's High Court Orders State to Release Body of Bedouin Driver Who Ran Over Cops, Haaretz, 24 Jan 2017


Calls mount for probe into Umm al-Hiran operation, Jerusalem Post, 24 Jan 2017


Arab-Israeli protest home demolitions, Jerusalem Post, 24 Jan 2017


Rights groups call for criminal probe over alleged police shooting of Arab MK, Times of Israel, 23 Jan 2017


In Umm al-Hiran, it is 'a continuing Nakba', Al Jazeera English, 22 Jan 2017


Release of Bedouin Driver's Body Reaches Israel's Top Court, Haaretz, 22 Jan 2017


Arab Israelis protest after Bedouin death, Yahoo News (via AFP), 21 Jan 2017


Israel’s top court asked to release body of Bedouin, Arab News, 21 Jan 2017


Israel's supreme court asked to release body of Bedouin, The Qatar Peninsula, 21 Jan 2017


Family appeals to court to get back body of Bedouin car-rammer, Times of Israel, 20 Jan 2017


Adalah Demands Investigation into Killing of Palestinian Protester in Israel, The Palestine Chronicle, 20 Jan 2017


Autopsy raises questions about death of 'terrorist' in Bedouin clashes: report, i24, 20 Jan 2017


What Eyewitnesses Say Happened When Israeli Police Tried to Demolish Umm el-Hiran, a Bedouin Arab Village, Global Voices, 19 Jan 2017


Palestine Today 01 19 2017, IMEMC