Adalah: Ehud Barak's purported apology for October 2000 killings lacks all value

Adalah represented families of 13 Palestinians killed by Israeli police in October 2000; Barak, who ordered police to deploy deadly means including snipers, was directly responsible for killings.

Ehud Barak was directly responsible for the killing of 13 Arab youths in October 2000. He ordered Israeli police to deploy deadly means – including snipers – to reopen Highway 65 during the demonstrations, and he remained indifferent to the resultant killing and wounding of hundreds of protestors on 1-2 October 2000. Barak's orders also justified the police's continued use of snipers during the subsequent days of protest.


The purported apology Barak made today lacks all value so long as no indictments have been filed against the Israeli police officers responsible for the October 2000 killings. This purported apology also has no meaning while police violence against Palestinian citizens of Israel continues to this very day.


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