"Negev Individual Settlements" - Negev Development Authority Law - Amendment No. 4

Land and Planning Rights
“Individual settlements” are a tool used by the state to provide individual Jewish Israeli families with hundreds and sometimes thousands of dunams of land for their exclusive use, as part of a policy that seeks to maximise the area which is exclusively by the Jewish population. In the Naqab (Negev), these settlements were seen as part of a plan for "saving" the land from certain demands, such as for community developments by Arab Bedouin in the region. 

There are around 60 individual settlements in the Naqab, stretching over 81,000 dunams, often established without permits and contrary to planning laws.

Amendment No. 4, passed in July 2010, provides legal tools for the recognition of all individual settlements in the Naqab, and gives the Negev Development Authority the power to make recommendations the Israel Land Administration to allocate lands for these settlements in the future.

While the amendment affords official status to the individual settlements, which are provided with all basic services, the unrecognized Arab Bedouin villages in the Naqab are denied status and their 90,000-100,000 inhabitants, all citizens of Israel, live without the most basic of services.

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