Criminal Procedure Law (Detainee Suspected of Security Offence) (Temporary Order)

Criminal Law and Procedures
Removes a number of essential procedural safeguards to detainees suspected of security offenses that are provided to criminal suspects.

While neutral on its face, in practice the law is used solely against Palestinians, who make up the overwhelming majority of detainees classified by Israel as “security” detainees, thus divesting them of judicial procedural safeguards.

The law allows for the detention of a security suspect for up to 96 hours before being brought before judge, versus 48 hours in other cases, and for up to 35 days without being indicted, versus 30 days in other cases. It also allows security suspects to be denied access to a lawyer for up to 21 days, versus 48 hours in other cases.

Originally passed by the Knesset as a “temporary order” for 18 months, the law was extended in January 2008 for a further three years.

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