Citizenship Law


Article 2(a) of the Citizenship Law stipulates that, “Every emigrant under the Law of Return will become a citizen of Israel as a direct result of the return.”

Article 3 of the law also deprives Palestinians who were residents of Palestine prior to 1948 of the right to gain citizenship or residence status in Israel based on conditions designed to deprive the Palestinian refugees of the Right to Return.

Amendment No. 9 (Authority for Revoking Citizenship) (2008) to Article 11 of the Citizenship Law revokes citizenship due to “breach of trust or disloyalty to the state”. “Breach of trust” is broadly defined and even includes the act of naturalization or obtaining permanent residency status in one of nine Arab and Muslim states which are listed by the law, and the Gaza Strip. The admendment allows for the revocation of citizenship without requiring a criminal conviction.

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