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In response to a letter from Adalah, Israel's Cabinet Secretary stated, "Israel has the right to impose its sovereignty over these areas, as they hold significant historical importance for the...
In a new position paper, Adalah analyzes a series of recent measures by the current Israeli government which constitute annexation of the West Bank and a clear policy to extend the regime of Jewish...
Adalah: the proposed bill demonstrates a clear intent to commit international criminal acts under the Rome Statute of the ICC
Adalah: the decision deepens the de facto annexation of the occupied West Bank and constitutes a crime of aggression under the Rome Statute of the ICC
The Israeli government has announced plans to unilaterally annex large swaths of the occupied Palestinian West Bank.
Palestinians in Gaza who need to pass through the checkpoint – including patients in need of critical medical treatment that is not available in Gaza – have no official mechanism through which...
Government coalition deal imposing Israeli sovereignty in occupied West Bank is violation of both international and Israeli law; Adalah to attorney general: Clarify that you will act against any...
'Deal of the Century' gives green light to Israel's illegal annexation of West Bank; Adalah: Plan is no more than joint U.S.-Israel effort to impose Israeli government's vision for territory in...
Two proposed laws would amount to Israeli annexation of West Bank, one would legalize 66 settlement outposts; ICC just announced 'significant progress' into probe of Israeli settlement activity.
Adalah & JLAC: Israeli government response to Supreme Court petition against Settlements Regularization Law views West Bank settlements as already annexed to Israel.