or commission

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Israel blatantly ignoring domestic and international law; Adalah demands accountability and prosecution of those responsible for gross violations of right to life.
Adalah: Israeli police killing of 13 Palestinian protesters in 2000 was motivated by racism; in 2017, Justice Ministry PID continues to whitewash investigations of police killings of Arab citizens.
In October 2000, Israeli police killed 13 Palestinian citizens during demonstrations in Israel. Despite the Or Commission finding no justification for the deadly force, not a single officer has...
Adalah: "Bentzi Sau, who served as the commander of the Wadi Ara region during the October 2000 events, is a criminal whose only place is in prison, behind bars. The promotion of Sau is an...
Today, the High Follow-Up Committee for the Arab Citizens in Israel is submitting evidence that it has gathered to the official Commission of Inquiry, headed by Justice Theodore Or. The material...