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Adalah: "The 5 May 2015 Supreme Court decision sets a dangerous historical precedent."
Adalah and partners organized and hosted two tours to the Bedouin villages of Atir and Umm al-Hiran for journalists, bloggers, photographers, and other media professionals.
Attorney Bishara: “We hope the court finally understood the danger embedded in the displacement of the villagers after 58 years, just to house Israeli Jewish settlers in their place.”
On 1 March 2013, Adalah and Bimkom, on behalf of residents of the unrecognized Arab Bedouin village of Atir, submitted an appeal against the approval of Plan 26/03/11 for the "Yatir Forest" before...
In January 2012, Adalah worked on a series of legal submissions regarding the unrecognized Arab Bedouin village of Atir-Umm al-Hieran in the Naqab. The village is slated to be demolished and the...
The people of Atir–Umm al-Hieran have been waging an uphill battle in the corridors of Israel’s courts and governmental land planning authorities for almost ten years to prove what is obvious...
Arab Bedouin residents of the unrecognized village of Atir ask for cancellation of the "Yatir Forest Plan" (264/03/11). This plan seeks to evacuate the villagers, who are citizens of Israel,...