HRC – UN Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)

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This coming week, the UN Human Rights Committee will conduct its periodic review of Israel’s compliance with this treaty; Adalah submitted a critical report and will address the Committee
UN Special Rapporteur Prof. Michael Lynk highlights Israel’s illegal policies and practices of collective punishment targeting the Palestinian people.
Human rights groups condemn six-month administrative detention of PLC member, in violation of international law, and raise grave concern about her health.
Adalah submitted three reports with partners on Israel's ICCPR violations regarding Palestinian citizens, Arab Bedouins and Torture/CIDT.
UN Committee Poses 30 Tough Questions to Israel on Torture, Indefinite Detention of Prisoners, Human Shields, and ISA Medical Coercion of Gaza Patients at Erez Crossing