Arab Members of Knesset

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Motions to Disqualify Arab MK Haneen Zoabi and the Joint List are Legally Baseless
Adalah and ACRI: Decision disregards Arab citizens’ rights to political representation by a variety of political movements.
MK Barakeh: Court's decisions confirm this is a political case, like other prosecutions against Arab activists and Arab leaders.
Adalah and ACRI: "Decision enables MKs from the majority to impose political punishments on MKs from the minority because of their political views."
(Haifa) On 4 February 2013, an expanded panel of the Supreme Court rejected a petition filed by Adalah in 2011 on behalf of MK Dr. Ahmad Tibi against the Presidency of the Knesset. In a...
Low turnout was due in large part to a general sense that Arab MKs lack the power to withstand the discriminatory laws in the Knesset