Racist remarks and incitement

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Adalah demands Attorney General open investigation, says Minister Erdan's accusations against the Arab public and Knesset members constitute serious danger to Arab citizens.
State Attorney's Office responds to Adalah: It is difficult to understand Lieberman's statement - "as to those who are against us…we must raise the ax and cut off his head" - as a call to violence!
The 2015 Israeli elections saw an unprecedented level of racist incitement against Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel, which played a critical part in the election's events and results. Regardless...
Statements constitute incitement to violence against Arab citizens , further poison atmosphere within Israeli society which legitimizes harm towards Arabs.
High Follow-Up Committee requests immediate and effective legal action against wave of violence, incitement, discrimination and racism targeted against the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel.
In a letter to the Attorney General, Adalah has demanded a criminal investigation into Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor and leader of the right-wing Jewish Home...
Israeli state prosecutors have declined to investigate Nazaret Illit Mayor Shimon Gapso for racist remarks that he made against Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel. Mayor Gapso wrote a letter...